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  1. 6.6 . So I created one of those homemade Stimpmeters that's been discussed here lately. Only difference was I added a support to consistently give me the 20*. Seems to work pretty well. I have standard builders grade carpet. I thought it would have been closer to 4. According to Wikipedia, the USGA says 6.5 is medium speed for standard greens. Pretty interesting.
  2. Pacing yardage at your local driving range is generally not looked upon as accepted practice. Not to mention dangerous. ;)
  3. I'm looking for a very cheap very finder. I have a GPS but would like a range finder to use at the range where they don't list distances. Any ideas? Has anyone tried one of these? Again, I'm not looking for pin point accuracy. Just general ball park. Bushnell Range Finder
  4. Definitely shoot in the 60's or just break par. Any lucky Joe Hack can get a hole-in-one. My father-in-law is living proof of that. Very few people can break par.
  5. IMO, training aids have to be coupled with understanding what the issue is and how the swing aid is correcting it. I don't you can say "I slice, therefore I'm, going to use anti-slicer training aid." Well what's really causing you to slice in the first place. The swing trainer may or may not be addressing it. Another example I've had history with is the Medicus. They say that it gives instant feedback as to where your swing breaks down. While they may be true, unless you have someone one watching you, you really don't know where it broke down. Was it at the top, half way down or right before impact? Each can be caused by a different fault. So I see them as a tool but not a cure in itself.
  6. Is it wider than normal? Yes. It is really an issue? Depends on how you hit each club. If you feel comfortable hitting the gaps in between full swings but choking down or partial swings then there's no issue. It's all up to how good you feel about it.
  7. I'm going to keep trying it. I want to see how I like it when it warms up here. I like everything but the distance.
  8. That's not really the scenario the OP asked. What you described is certainly rude. Lighting a cigar or even cigarette up on a course is a totally different thing. I like to light up a cigar every now and then when I play. If I'm riding, I always ask my partner if they mind. I just consider that good manners. I also make sure never to ash near a green.
  9. I did a little trigonometry and assuming the ball should launch at 20*, wouldn't that put the height at th 30" mark to be 12.24"? I got this from 30" x cos(20*). Am I thinking about this the right way? It's been a long time since I've done this.
  10. Which drop zone is the rating and slope based off of? That should be the only one used. You'd probably have to asked the course pro.
  11. Didn't see that episode but those are good tips I've heard before.
  12. I use the Zero Friction tees as well. I don't believe you get any added distance. I just like their durability. I lose more from them getting lost than breaking. I've used 3 1/4" in the past but have really lowered my tee height recently. I use 2 3/4" and tee it low. The 2 1/8" are just a little too short for soft ground. I do wish they made 2 1/4" or 2 1/2".
  13. I'm curious if you guys have had any issue with distance while using the Penta? I finally got a chance to actually compare the Penta with a Pro V1x this weekend and the Penta was consistently shorter. Not just by a yard or two but 10-15 yards. This was only one day but I was surprised at the difference. My driver ss is average 100-105mph. Anyone else seen this?
  14. New one today, Doctors who can't keep appointment times. If I make a reservation at a restaurant and when I get there, they tell me it's going to be 30 a 30 minute wait, would I find that acceptable? Hell no!!!! Yet whenever I visit a doctor, there's always a wait. I was the first appointment for the day this morning and still had to wait 25 minutes for the doctor to get in. And you wonder why they're backed up at the end of the day. Why did we ever deem that acceptable? They're still a business providing a service. Also have to love the sign in the office that says "There will be a $25 charged for all no-shows or canceled appointments less than 48 hours." When can I start charging them for the amount of time I have to wait after my appointment? /end rant
  15. I find no difference between hitting any of the hybrid lofts. They're all easy. If anything, I find the 25*+ hybrids harder simply because the way they look at address. They kind of make you want to do a forward press. I have the red Matrix Ozik shaft. It's he only one I've tried. I liked it so much, I never bothered testing the JAVLN. I tested a bunch of hybrids before I bought these and found the Pro Golds to be the best combination of distance, forgiveness and price. The other thing I like about the 18*H is the ball flight tends to be more like an iron vs a wood. It sits pretty well when it hits the green.
  16. I recently dropped my 60* and added an 18* Adams Pro Gold Hybrid. So far I don't regret the trade off. I've found a lot more instances when I use the 18* than the 60*. To me, it's as easy to hit as any of the other hybrids. It fills a nice gap between my 15* 3 wood and 20* 3H.
  17. Something annoy you? Do you think that you're the only one that's bothered by this? Well here's your chance to vent. What are things that annoy you? Can be golf or non-golf related. I'll start: Things that annoy me! - People who are late. - People who don't return shopping carts. (This actually a big one for my wife.) - Clutter. - Radio commercials that act like their a real station. Eg: "We'll be back with more music in a sec but first, did you hear about government repo homes for sale?" - People who back into parking spots. I understand if it's a sporting even or other high traffic area, but for your office parking lot or Wal-Mart? Come on. They usually can't park straight either and end up taking up two spots. It's a hell of a lot easier to back out of a space then to back into one. - People with bad manners or those who don't say "thank you". - People who throw cig butts out the window. If I threw my McDonald's wrapper out the window, would that be acceptable? Hell no!!! Why do people think cig butts are any different. They don't deteriorate quickly.
  18. Erik, How many people did you say you need for a school to travel. Was it 8?
  19. Would love for you guys to come to the Detroit metro area.
  20. My team at work is having a golf outing. Since I'm the most avid golfer. I was put in charge. The format is a 9-hole scramble with about four groups. We're going to have some real hackers out there. A lot of people don't play. So I'm looking for some ideas for side games that everyone can play. Closest to the pin or longest drive won't really work with this group. I'd like it to be more open for everyone. Any ideas? Thanks,
  21. While this is true, the difference in distance should be minimal. To me, the difference between hybrid and iron is about consistency. Which one do you consistently hit better? That's what I'd go with. I'd also say the handicap has no bearing on using hybrid. Plenty of touring pros use hybrids. My dad uses 3, 4, and 5 hybrid replacements and he's a 6 HCP. It's all about what you feel comfortable. Why don't you carry a 3h or 3-iron?
  22. Not sure how that equates to US handi but 16 sounds very low. A 16 HCP breaks 90 on a regular basis. I would expect it to be closer to 25. I suppose it all depends on what they consider to be a golfer. Someone who plays once a month or someone who plays twice a year.
  23. If I was aloud out of the house that long, I'd be all over it.
  24. Ever noticed that you can talk to a complete stranger in a bar and if they golf, you immediately hit it off. Put the same two strangers on a golf course and in separate groups and it all of a sudden becomes territorial confrontation between the two.
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