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  1. Again perhaps your swing speed is not fast enough to need any extra grip, therefor you are not in any position to determine whether or not gloves are beneficial to other players.
  2. I'm not missing your point you said golf gloves have ... I disagree with you and I believe they are much more functional than stylish. In fact I don't find them stylish at all they are nothing more than a tool, a tool to help improve a player's grip. What I am saying is I think your statement is ridiculous. I've been playing golf a long time, I've heard people brag about clubs, bags shoes, shirts, gadgets, you name it. But I have never, in my 25 years of playing golf, heard somebody say, "Hey look at my cool new golf glove".
  3. I kind of doubt any of them are getting big "glove money", and they all wore a glove well before they made any money playing golf. I didn't see a single player not wearing one at the US Am nor the NCAA Championships last year, I guess they are just wearing them to be stylish and cool?
  4. Come on man, a huge majority of the best players in the world use a golf glove. You really think they do it for style points? That's a pretty ridiculous general statement. Good for you that you don't have a grip issue, although it could be because your swing speed isn't fast enough to cause one. I wish I didn't have to use a glove, it would save me some money for sure as I go through 10+ a year. I certainly don't wear one for the aesthetics of it, my palms sweat and I can't hold on to the club with as much confidence without one.
  5. Day 21: I only took video when hitting a ball, but I did do the reps without a ball.
  6. Day 19: Had to go to my father's house to borrow his resistance bands. Did the drill there so no video. Got a good workout on muscles I don't think I use all that often.
  7. Dude, as much as you post you really need to use paragraphs. It makes it so much easier to read! To answer the question, the next match I play will be the most interesting. After this COVID-19 lockdown I will appreciate it more than I ever have in the past.
  8. Personally I like to pepper the houses on the right on Sandia 7 and the ones on the left on Zia 8 cutting that corner before they grew up all those trees.
  9. Yeah, working on that since you pointed it out during the Covid-19 drills.
  10. I got mine from Dick's Sporting Goods during one of their Flash Sales. Got the mat and the net for $70, free shipping. Ordered it on Sunday and was hitting balls on Wednesday afternoon. What's are shanks and pulls? 😜
  11. I like the 18th at Pebble Beach, ocean left, OB right, and that damn tree!
  12. At my home course I would take Driver, 7 iron, gap wedge. Tighter shorter courses I might go with a 3 hybrid instead of the driver.
  13. I see a lot of Teslas in Albuquerque, I know because my 16 year old is in love with them and points every single one out to me. We also have quite a few Asian folks as well, not that thats important. @FlyingAce Playing at Tanoan I thought for sure you would have a window story or two with all that glass lining those fairways. I know I have had to hold my breath on several occasions when one got away from me while playing there. 😬
  14. I've never broken anything, but I did deposit a fairly new Chromesoft onto the neighbors roof doing the flop shot drill the other day. My 16 year old daughter was messing around hitting balls into my net the other day and heeled one that missed our kitchen window by 3 inches. It was pretty funny my wife walked out right about that time and it barely missed her as well! I played baseball as a kid and broke numerous windows back in the day. My parents had a glass place on speed dial!
  15. Day 16 done. Didn't get any video, it was windy as heck here today so I did this inside. I have actually done this drill before when I had a bad habit of swaying off the ball years ago, but I haven't done it in a long time. I tell you it was half drill and half workout!
  16. Okay catching up a bit. Day 14- Did everything but the catch. This is NM and, well, we don't have lawns for the most part. If I get to a park I will post. I did do the drills including the one I posted below where I deposited a chrome soft onto the roof of my next door neighbor! Day 15- Done! video below Day 16- Done, No video. This is a new drill to me but I like it. This is something I will start on my daily Covid-19 putting drills I do every night.
  17. Ok finished day 12 yesterday, but got busy and forgot to post. I took video, only to find out I had the back camera going and got none of it! I have not had a chance to do todays video (Day 13), but I will catch up tomorrow.
  18. Day 11 done. No video, I didn't think I would like this drill as much as I actually ended up liking it. Was actually a really nice drill for me especially for the balls closest together. I can hardly wait to actually have a practice green to try this again.
  19. I still have this if anyone is interested. We will be able to play golf again one day I swear!
  20. Day 10. We actually do this drill in the summers with our juniors so I have done it a lot. Good drill.
  21. Day 9 Complete. I do not do a great job of keeping my right arm from bending too much. I've worked on it over the years and it's better, but I don't think I will ever get to >90°.
  22. Ok, how often do you really need to work a 3 iron both ways? I am a +1.5 and I just hope to hit my 4 iron in the right direction. I will tell you what I did recently to help with my personal situation. I carried 3-wood, 2 iron, 4 iron. I tossed my 2 iron and added a 3 hybrid. Adding the hybrid gave me a couple of advantages over the 2 iron. First I can hit that hybrid pretty close to the same distance off the tee as I could my 2 iron, but that 3 hybrid is more useful from different lies around the course. I can hit it out of the rough, off tight lies, everywhere. It goes father than a 3 iron, but I can take some yardage off if I need to. So, if I was you I would look at tossing the 2 iron and 3 iron and adding a club like a 3 hybrid that can take the place of both. No one needs all those long irons anyway.
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