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  1. At $200 a round, I imagine you'll have the place to yourself most of the time.
  2. You have to call or be there in person.
  3. Arroyo is really busy we fill up with tee times very quickly. We are taking tee times 7 days in advance, if you don't call within the first few hours the morning times are gone. We are going every 12 minutes. We were doing 15 minutes but switched a few weeks ago. Need a time? I can get you one if you tell me early enough.
  4. I can't think of a material less conducive to playing golf in comfort than denim. I started this thread some 12 years ago, and something I have never understood is why people wouldn't want to dress in golf attire as it's made for golf. You look good and the clothing you are wearing is specifically designed for the activity you are partaking in. It's a win-win.
  5. I play a lot of golf and divot holes have never been much of an issue. I answered 1-2 times a year, but I really can't remember the last one I was in. At the course where I play I would say just general bad lies happen much more often. We play it down most of the time and I get a bare lie in the fairway probably once every other round, especially in late winter and early spring. You play it as it lies, it makes you a better player in the end. As far as all the whiners out there that complain about how unfair the rules are, Its the same people that probably complain about anything that doesn't go their way. Get over it, life is tough, wear a cup.
  6. I have played blades for 15 years now, and I don't see me changing anytime soon. My 4-5 irons are forged "players" cavity back, but they are a lot closer to a blade than a game improvement iron that's for sure. I just love the way they feel, and I know EXACTLY how far I can hit them. I love the quote from the article @iacas cited. "I will judge my rounds much more by the quality of my best shots than the acceptability of my worse ones." I have a new motto!
  7. I use The Grint and I put in my score and stats as I play most of the time.
  8. I shot 72 today. I have had a bunch of these rounds lately. Not bad just can't really get anything going. I was 0 for 7 on putts 6-8 feet which was very frustrating. Struck the ball very well, only hit 43% of the fairways, but missed 5 fairways by less than 2 yards. 61% GIR, but again missed 3 greens by less than a yard. Going forward, I just need to keep plugging away and working on my game. COVID-19 has been great for my golf game (once the courses opened), I am at the golf course 6-7 days a week. Just need to get a little sharper around the green and get the putter going. Ball striking is really getting where I want it.
  9. I don't like sharing a cart with a complete stranger regardless of the coronavirus pandemic. I play a lot of golf with people I don't know, I just don't want to share a cart with them. I have no issue sharing a cart with people I know.
  10. I voted some were easier/ harder than others because my course has gone through a series of changes since we opened up two weeks ago. The first few days we had raised cups so the ball did't even go in the hole. The group I played with didn't want to mess with trying to determine whether or not a putt would have gone in, so they played it if the ball hit that raised cup it was holed. That was too easy, scores plummeted. After about 5 days raised they decided to flip the cup over and put it at the same level as the green. This was better, but it was still difficult to come to a consensus sometimes on whether the putt would have gone in. Finally about a week ago they decided to keep the cup upside down, but sunk it about an inch below the level of the green. This has worked the best as it works just like a regular cup for the most part.
  11. Taking advantage of the open golf courses. I played in Denver Wednesday-Friday and here in ABQ Sunday, Tuesday and today. Finally got the game in shape today after some rather iffy ball striking. In my first round back on Wednesday last week I was god awful, Shot 82, my highest round in several years, I hit it everywhere. Settled down on Thursday and shot 72 with a 33 (-3) on the back. Got a little tired on Friday after walking the previous 2 days and shot 38 for nine holes. Got back into town on Saturday and played Sunday in a big group. Shot 73 after another really terrible ball striking performance. Tuesday played with a college player I know. Shot 71 (-1) and hit it better but still not great. My short game finally came around a little in this round. Then today, I finally had a good round. Hit 67% of the greens with 3 of the misses being less than a yard off the green and 71% of the fairways. Shot 69 (-3). Still had a stupid 3 putt and missed a couple other shorties, but I can't complain too much, it was a solid round.
  12. I'm taking advantage of the opening of golf courses here in New Mexico. I played Sunday, Tuesday and today. I hit balls and practiced the other two days the course has been open. I finally birdied #6 today. Its one of the easiest holes on the course, but I kept screwing it up. Today I drove the green and two-putted for birdie. I also drove the green on Sunday, but 3 putted from 20 feet for par. 😬 I also eagled #15 on Sunday so I have now eagled all 4 par 5's.
  13. My course opened today! I have a tee time tomorrow morning, there is a big group of us. Funny thing was I drove to Denver on Wednesday to play golf with my brother, and two days later they open the courses here. Still got in 54 holes in 3 days and got to see family. I also have a tee time on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday next week.
  14. Well I start on the putting green actually short putts then mid range (10-15 foot) to get the speed. Then on the range I hit: 7- wedges 5- 8 irons, 5- 6 Irons 3- 4 irons. 3- Hybrids, 3- 3 woods 4- Drivers 5- 50 to 75 yard lob wedges. It doesn't always work out to exactly 35 balls but its close. If I hit a poor shot on the last ball I will rake another over and make sure to finish each club with a well struck shot. All of this is using alignment sticks to make sure I get aimed right to start the round. My buddy I play with all the time is terrible about that. He's never late, but if we have a 7:30 tee time he gets there at 7:25. Drives me nuts, and he always wonders why he has a hard time on the first 4 holes.
  15. I arrive at least 30-45 minutes before all rounds. I hate rushing and I despise being late to anything. I don't want to have to run down to the tee box. I want to get to the course, get my shoes on, shoot the shit with whoever is around, then walk to putting green and then to the range. I have about a 35 ball warmup routine I do every time. Occasionally, there are early morning rounds where its too dark to hit balls and I don't play as well, at least not for the first few holes. Personally, I've never understood people that don't do some type of warmup, I just don't think you can play your best if your muscles are cold and stiff.
  16. Okay, took the family camping this past weekend so I had some makeup work to do . I have video for Day 23, 24, and 26. Did the drills for Day 25 and today 27 but I didn't get the video. DAY 23 My preshot routine is 27 seconds long. Same preshot routine I have used for as long as I can remember. Practice Swing Pick spot to aim Step in to shot, right hand on the club then left Set my feet Waggle and go! I took video of an 8 iron and a Driver. Almost exactly the same length. DAY 24 This is another drill I have used in the past. We also try to get our older juniors to try this during our summer camps. DAY 25 No video for this drill. Another drill we have shown our juniors in the summer. Really good drill for them. DAY 26 I got my hands wrong in the video, just noticed that. Good drill, I use something similiar as a warmup pre round. DAY 27 Okay caught up to today. Did this drill inside so no video again. I actually used to have a piece of equipment that I used for this drill, but it got torn up over the years.
  17. Day 22: Forgot to post last night but I completed the drills. My wife keeps wondering why I have pool noodles in the house. Particularly like the pool noodle drill as I am working on getting my weight more centered in the center of my feet and not so much on my heels.
  18. No I leave it up and just put it in the garage each night. The legs fold in, but I wouldn't want to deal with the taking down the net part every night.
  19. My uncle lost an eye in a golf accident so the possibility of been killed or at least permanently injured is very real. In the 20 years of working at the golf course I have seen more than a few people hit with golf balls. A few were knocked out cold and a good friend of mine got several stitches. To make light of the dangers of hitting into people is stupid.
  20. Now that IS vanity, I look damn good in a hat!
  21. I am not telling anyone they need to wear a glove I just find it ridiculous for someone to state people wear gloves for vanity and not for function. I wish I didn't have to wear a glove, but I just cannot swing with confidence without one. Last time we went to Topgolf I didn't have a glove and the whole time I thought I was going to lose the club every time I took a swing.
  22. Our governor is currently working with our PGA section to open up golf courses by the beginning of May. Until then I am doing the Covid-19 Practice Plane Challenge, and hitting a lot of balls into my net. Our governor is a nightmare so I hope she comes around and opens up the golf courses, right now we are one of like only 9 states where golf is not allowed. In case she does I have moved all my meetings into the afternoons for May. If she doesn't I have some friends in Arizona who I will be visiting. Either way, my quarantine goal is to get out and play some golf, and SOON!
  23. I cannot find it now, but I read an article comparing high top basketball shoes vs Low top. Basically the results were high tops gave minimally better support, and if someone had ankle issues they were best served by using ankle braces.
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