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  1. Everyone has bad days, bad weeks, bad months, etc... If the total emotional resonse is greater on a bad shot then on one of your great shots..... you need to quit. Take up fishing, I love Fishing...not trying to dog you. But I know that is not the case right? You wouldn't be here if it was.
  2. looks like a good fade swing to me, drop your right foot a bit at address, like to see a pre shot routine where you are actually aiming. Aim your shots every time at the range...then and only then will you know your ball flight. Then play that shot on the course.
  3. I watch the golf channel for tournament play, playing lessons from the pros, and other instructional stuff. the commentary (19th hole, etc...) really don't interest me. I do watch the other shows as background noise and did hear her comments after I found it on u tube (just because of the rukus it started). Sadly GOLF has turned the way of the NFL where every press conference and peoples comments are the hot news of the day.... Who CARES..how does it effect your life, your kids education, etc... BOTTOM LINE...she is just a talking head that couldn't get her dream job at a news channel and made a dumb comment. I do have to give her some slack with all these wanna bees trying to call out Tiger (Rory..Jason Day, etc..) Tiger gives her interviews and she was trying to defend him I think...just didn't choose the correct delivery. In the end we have much more to worry about as a nation then a Ill stated opionion in a 5 second on air respone...give me a break.
  4. My Bad....but who is George Lopez?? On the other hand.... Cinderella story...coming out of nowhere...tears in is eyes I guess...he's got about 250 yards,,,,looks like about a 9 iron.... Best movie of all time.
  5. As long as it is a "players" ball I could care less the condition, within reason. Live on a Par 3 with a swamp hazard, good course, mostly find Prov1 and Prov1x mostly, also Callaway HX Tour, Nike 1, Bridgestone 330S etc,,.
  6. He's a pig. How would you like to be the guy to pick the next ball out of the hole he spit in?? Plus he is a crybaby, of course when he is not being a showboat.. Perfect example for my 3 sons NOT to be like.
  7. Not for a ban, never seen anybody play a complete good round with it.....UNLESS they are a great putter with one (in my experience the rest of their game is below par) but happen to be in my scramble foursome!!
  8. Three suggestions, in order of my preference. Would not recommend all three at once unless you want to snap hook it around a dogleg! #1 grip the club very lightly #2 take a stronger grip (2 to 3 knuckles showing on left hand #3 play ball off the middle of front foot, will lead to square or slightly closed face at contact, further the ball is played back by theory the clubhead is more open when striking it. #4 set up for a draw with stance (back foot 3 to 6 inches behind front foot on a line to the target if both feet were straight in line with the target) If this fails hit a 5 iron, keep it in play, probably score just as well if not better. good luck
  9. If they played in the same era probably go 50-50. Jack being a little "meaner" the reason for the split. Replace Phil with Jack at the same age today and "let him loose". Always easier to chase a record then set one... PS. Not a big fan of Jack, just my opionion.
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