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  1. It'll never take off if they won't allow Comrade Putin to play shirtless.
  2. A yardage book certainly has some value, but I wonder how often you would consult it after you'd actually fleshed it out. I think the fleshing out would be a great exercise in and of itself in getting to really know the course. One other thought: I've been suing one of the Garmin S1 GPS watches for over a year now and love the thing. It isn't a yardage book, nor as precise and versatile as a laser that can give you yardage to a bunker or some specific tree, but distance to the hole (front, back and middle) at a glance with no gizmo to fiddle with has its own value. It will also measure ya
  3. I don't know what the rest of you're set make-up looks like, but a lot of folks who have trouble with 60* lob wedges find happiness with a 58 instead. I put a good bit of mileage on a 58/12 lob and had good luck with that combo before switching to SCOR and giving up worrying about bounce. If you like Vokey's perhaps you could find a Titleist fitter to help you select a loft and grind that works for your swing? (IMHO you can't get a proper wedge fitting hitting off a mat so you'll need a fitter that works off grass and sand.)
  4. My last set was G20s and your description of the packaging rings a definite bell, particularly about the little head "booties" that I recall pitching. I understand that some clubs come with fancier packaging, but from a pragmatic perspective just about all of them are fated to be dropped into a bag and carted around in a car trunk. Congrats on the G25s, nice sticks for sure! And welcome to the forum. Let us know how the clubs work out for you.
  5. I picked the Apex since "None of the above." wasn't an option. What I'd pick has little bearing on what's best for you though. Just sayin'...
  6. Greetings, and welcome. Spyder said it well so +1 to most of his comments, particularly with regard to the Titleist AP1s. I replaced my Ping G20s (yes, I also understand your comment about the G15s feeling clunky) with 714 AP1s a couple of months ago and couldn't be happier. You said you were open to new or used clubs, but I've no idea of your financial position of course. The thing with fittings is that a good one includes trying various shaft combinations as well as determining whether you need R-flex or S-flex shafts and measuring for lie angle. I was amazed at how much var
  7. With all due respect, that's an entirely subjective question with no real answer that doesn't boil down to personal preference... I like the "feel" of graphite shafts because they soften impact somewhat. Others may want to feel that impact and think graphite feels dead. I sort of like heavier shafts in my irons because to me I seem to be able to track the swing a bit better. Others may love light shafts... A more important question is which shaft PERFORMS best for YOU in a particular club. That is a question best addressed by a good fitter with a launch monitor.
  8. The heck of it is that playing smart gets to be even more important as you work on breaking 90. One thing that I hear recommended often, and think is a really good idea is to go ahead and get a handicap established and learn how to figure how many strokes you get on each hole. Then play to beat your handicap, not par. If you're working on breaking 100, you'll get two strokes on a lot of holes. Knowing that you would get two strokes on some par four hole makes shooting a six there a "personal par" instead of a double bogie. If you get off in five strokes it's a "personal birdie!" Th
  9. When I played years ago I never really liked chipping and I mostly used my sand wedge around the green, who knows what loft/bounce it had, in those less enlightened times people had a pitching wedge and a sand wedge... When I took golf back up about a year and a half ago I got a set of Ping G20s that came with PW, GW, SW and LW. The lob was a 58/12 and we became friends, that being my main go-to club anywhere near the green. Since I got the AP1s and filled the bottom of the bag with SCOR wedges I do branch out a bit more because they all 'feel' the same to me, but up close the lob is still
  10. So I'm betting that these par 3 holes feature some water up near the green? Water is a lot of people's bugaboo, so don't feel alone. But sometimes we're our own worst enemy when it comes to those kind of shots. If you set yourself up on the tee and the last thing you do is look at the water to remind yourself not to go in it you are almost programming your mind to do exactly that. When you get to the tee (on any hole) look over the situation ahead and identify where any problems are (water, trees, bunkers, etc.) and then where you want to land your ball. As you're choosing where to
  11. Congratulations on deciding to get your game together. I came back to the game a year and a half ago and have worked pretty hard trying to improve. Here are a couple of thoughts, more may come up later. chasm said it, I'll repeat it: get lessons! He also said he was taking lessons as if he were a complete beginner, but it isn't only complete beginners that need lessons! All of the tour pros have "swing coaches" that they visit often. Nothing wrong with taking lessons, I have taken a bunch in the least year and a half and will continue to off and on so long as I play I expect. But
  12. I'm not the poster to whom this is directed, but I will chime in anyway because this is the internet! I have SCOR wedges in my bag and absolutely LOVE them. "SCOR wedges are not available in multiple finish options." This is TRUE, and I know a lot of people like their different finishes, but that has no effect on performance. Silver is nice IMHO. "SCOR don't think multiple sole grind options are a good idea." I think it is really more like SCOR doesn't think multiple sole grinds are necessary. (From my experience with the clubs, I think this is true.) "SCOR wedges
  13. I completely agree with the advice to spend your money on lessons before dropping bucks for equipment unless you've got plenty of disposable income to dispose of. After you've had lessons and your swing is in better shape you'll be in a far better position to choose new sticks. You say you've had a lesson and are planning to take a "few" more. I would suggest you not put limits on that at this point. As JoePete said, work out a plan with your local pro and put in the time on the driving range to practice what s/he is trying to teach you. The golf swing doesn't come naturally to most
  14. I voted NO because I believe there is a real need for organizations like the USGA and R&A; else soon it won't be grooves or anchored putters, but laser equipped putters with microprocessors and Aimpoint firmware that one has to work at missing putts with. How about shoulder fired drivers that even us seasoned citizens can shoot 350 yards? Some would say it wouldn't get that bad, but without a controlling body there would be nothing to stop it. On a more positive note, there is little keeping you from enjoying your i10s except in high level competitions.
  15. Vokey's are dandy wedges, but SCORs just work so sweet for me, thin lie, plush lie, sand, hardpan... they may not be for everybody but I like 'em. I am indeed a Titleist fan, but one of the main contributing factors in my bag makeup is that there is a good Titleist fitter (i.e. not a store clerk) close by that takes the time to find the component combo that works for me.
  16. Love all the photos. Here's the current bag.
  17. I agree that your best bet is hitting balls on the course and measuring. If you don't have a range finder a smart phone GPS app will work nicely. You will need to hit enough shots to get a decent average working (10 shots?), and it is less useful if you don't use the same ball you always play with, or if you don't always play the same brand/model. I really only worry about the short irons and wedges for this exercise, but that's just a personal decision.
  18. I agree and put my congrats on the first page. I have tried on a number of occasions to talk people out of switching to blades when they come looking for internet validation of their scheme. However, that isn't what is going on here. The man made the statement that he had bought blades and they are in the bag. I may have personal reservations about how good an idea that is, but the deal is done. At this point the arguing is pointless, I do most sincerely hope the new clubs enhance both score and pleasure in the game.
  19. So... you "suggested that we pick up our pace..." but you don't really say that you feel your pace was actually particularly slow, simply that the group ahead had gotten away from you, yet nobody had caught up from behind. Was your group really playing slowly? Had you not "gotten away" from the group that started behind you? Or was the course sort of slow with natural gaps between starts? I certainly agree that it is important to keep up a good pace, but I also agree that there is a fine line between playing promptly and hurrying. If there's nobody behind you, there's certainly no reason
  20. The I have a course only about a mile drive from home. It's sort of a crappy course, but the next nearest is 20-30 minutes away so I mostly stick close to home.
  21. Though I agree that golf is on the decline, more so in some areas than others I'm sure, I think what you're seeing is more a return to balance after the game experienced a growth bubble that I believe closely mirrored the housing bubble we are all familiar with here in the U.S. During that housing bubble (which was largely brought on by misguided efforts of our government to tinker with the free market and make housing 'affordable' by BOTH of the major parties) there were a lot of new subdivisions carved out of cow pastures that had few if any natural attractions of their own. To enhance the
  22. Congratulations, I hope they work out well for you.
  23. I played G20s for over a year and switched not long ago to the Titleist AP1s which I totally love. I tried the i20s; they were nice but they were considerably less forgiving than my G20s and I didn't see much performance difference. It should be noted that I was trying them at one of the big box golf stores where there was no effort made to show me different shafts except for "stock" steel and graphite. For me the AP1s provide that somewhat sleeker look with less offset while still giving the forgiveness that my game benefits from, and the Titleist fitter had a stack of custom shaft options
  24. Custom fitted clubs are, indeed, as big a deal as people make them out to be, in my opinion. Now, if you are a real 'average' person with a real 'average' swing, perhaps the standard configuration that a set of irons comes in will perform averagely for you. But a lot of people benefit from at least having the lie angle adjusted else they will be pulling or pushing shots because of it and end up making some weird compensation with their swing to rectify the 'problem' they are seeing. However, one of the biggest benefits of a proper fitting is shaft selection, not so much to find shafts that
  25. Fourteen degrees of bounce is indeed a bit higher than average, but I think the question is how you set up and swing the club and what conditions you play in. If you hit most of your pitches with a lot for forward shaft lean you are de-lofting and removing some bounce, and if you play on fluffy grass and sand more bounce is your friend. Bottom line, ultimately, is whether you are happy with the club and it performs for you. Grats on finding a combo that works for you!
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