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  1. I'm a big believer in wedges, and at the same time I do understand than golf clubs can be budget busters. I'd watch ebay. I'm guessing you will find more lightly used wedges (with not too badly worn grooves) there than on most store used racks since that is a good place for new club tinkerers to dump failed tries. IMHO you really need the granularity more on the short end of the bag than on the long end, and a single gap wedge between the PW and 60 LW isn't overkill by any stretch. Don't cheap out too much.
  2. I use a reverse overlap. After reading Stan Utley's putting book I began assuring that I grip my putter along the life lines which does seem to get the shaft aligned nicely with the arms. Then I worked my up to a Super Stroke 3.0 grip that really lets me get my hands in great contact.
  3. I suspect that the answer is that "top amateurs" are just golfers deep down and like the rest of us, they buy golf clubs like most of us do. Some are brand loyal, some aren't, some buy new sticks when something shiny catches their eye, others hang on to clubs that are working for them for years. @newtogolf menti oned that at his club many of the top amateurs play irons and putters that are several years old. I don't think that is surprising since irons are really utility clubs meant for moving the ball some specific distance with accuracy and consistency. Once you get pretty ha
  4. I think one of the big considerations when looking at the XP105 vs XP95 is the change you'll get in the "feel" of the clubs as you swing them. earlier this year I switched from Ping G20s with their proprietary graphite shafts and tried about 6 various steel and graphite options in my new AP1s. For me, shaft weight makes a really noticeable difference in feel. The i95s I ended up with are heavier than the shafts that were in the Pings, but still pretty light in the overall scheme of things. Given that you like the feel of the XP95, I would definitely suggest finding a fitter that has the XP
  5. You can go to Titleist's web site and look at the custom options, there's a nice chart that shows all of the shafts they offer as either standard or extra price options with their drivers and how they rank for launch and spin. The Phenom 70 is, indeed, shown as a lower launching, low spin shaft. As usual, saevel25 has a good suggestion in looking at how you're actually hitting the ball. I'm still working on learning to hit up, or at least not down with my driver, but it does have a huge effect on launch angle if/when I pull it off. Sadly, if you go the shaft replacement route,
  6. I'm sympathetic: AP1s are good looking clubs, real good looking IMO, but AP2s are gorgeous! But when you get out on the course, pretty is as pretty does, and my ball striking (which I don't think is so bad either :-) isn't so great that I am not better off playing the more forgiving AP1s than the AP2s like Jason Duffner and Jordan Spieth. My strong suggestion would be to find a good Titleist fitter, preferably an Advanced Fitting Center rather than a big box store with a sales clerk that doubles as a fitter. You can find the locations of fitters on the Titleist web site. Talk it over
  7. I contemplated such a setup, particularly because of the lofts on the AP1s that called for the introduction of two gap wedges. I discussed it with my fitter and tried hitting some AP2s with various shafts, but the AP1s were really performing better for me down to PW. I didn't buy Titleist's gap wedges but filled the bottom of the bag with SCOR's. Love the SCOR wedges for "wedge" shots, but sometimes wonder if I shouldn't swap the 48 for another AP1 for better full swing performance. Bottom line was that the AP1s gave me more accuracy, no doubt because of the forgiveness factor mostly
  8. I like some of the technology Callaway has been introducing, but... dang. If you buy a new set of Callaway sticks, I mean NEWest stuff, you've got to know that they have two or three next generation clubs already in the pipeline already. I'm not saying everyone should be like Titleist and only release new models every two years, but I think it would be nice to let your customers have the latest and greatest in their bags for more than a couple of months. Another effect that may not be positive for Callaway (Taylormade) is that the deluge of new product announcements becomes somewhat l
  9. Footjoy StaSof is the one that always works for my hand.
  10. I would shop for a new vendor if they are going to charge you for a fitting on clubs they're selling you. The primary reason my bag is full of Titleist clubs is the confidence I have in the Titleist Advanced Fitting Ctr. that is available to me. I have never paid for the fitting service, including over an hour on the range testing and retesting different shafts for my AP1s. Even the "fittings" some big-box stores do (basically trying different clubs that happen to be in stock until they narrow it down a bit) are usually free if you are buying clubs. (Yes, I am sure there are some decent fi
  11. As has been said, lie angle can usually be adjusted a couple of degrees anyway. Shaft length is largely a static number, a visit to the Ping site and their web fitting tool can tell you a lot. However, the biggest variable by far in a proper fitting is shaft selection. I was amazed what a difference various shafts can make with the same club head. And I am not at all sure reshafting your old sticks would give similar results to what you were fitting to unless the heads are very similar in specs. If you feel pretty sure you are not ready to invest in new sticks, why not visit a decent club
  12. How long it is going to take for you isn't something anyone can really answer, way too many variables. It doesn't sound like you are doing so badly really, if you are hitting 80% pretty well and shooting around 100. That's what I have heard the "average" golfer shoots. But you wouldn't be on forums like this if all you wanted was to be average. For me, the weak little shank-like thing comes from not getting my weight shifted back left, sometimes while trying a bit too hard to hold my wrist hinge. Fortunately that seems to happen on the range where I think about such stuff. But grooving m
  13. Putting is so personal you will likely get a lot of different answers. Most all golfers struggle with it, even the tour pros, and I am not a wonderful putter by any means, but I have been improving slowly. Here are a couple of my thoughts. A smooth stroke is mighty important and many say you need to be accelerating the club through impact. I'm not sure acceleration is necessary, but I do believe you must not be decelerating at impact. I think it is critical to consistency that you not manipulate the club face with your hands or wrists during the stroke, but swing from the shoulders with a
  14. First of all, I think the guy should hang out a Closed sign if he wants to go out and pick by hand then mow in the middle of the day. I can understand a person trying to run a business like that on a shoe-string, but in that case, he should thank God he's got a customer and wait 'till you are done to do his mowing. Hate to say it, but I wonder if he isn't hoping to get hit and get out of a failing deal with an insurance claim/liability suit ("I told him I had to mow and he said he could keep his shots on the other side of the range!") then live off the government on disability.
  15. I think you'll love the graphite. You still get plenty of feedback for off center hits without the sting. I went with Aerotech shafts for the much tighter dispersion they gave me over any of the other shafts we tried (including steel) during my fitting. The weight of the shafts has a big effect on the way a club feels, at least to me. If you're determined to only consider 'default' graphite shafts, I'd suggest trying a number of clubs and determining what shaft weight you want then narrowing brands to give final consideration to with that in mind. However, most brands offer a varie
  16. What WUTiger said. But here's two thoughts: For Ping, go to their web site and do their online fitting. It amounts to a "static" fitting that doesn't take your swing into account, but it is a darn good start (for Ping clubs). There are a lot of fitters that won't charge you extra for the fitting if you buy the clubs from them. Trying to save even more by buying something off the internet may well be false economy... I would vote to use your old sticks while you save up for a few more months and then get a first class fitting.
  17. Sadly, I don't fall into the "better players" category, but when I started back into golf after quite a lot of years away from the game I bought a set of Ping G20s with their full set of wedges, PW, GW, SW, LW. ("Standard" club sets at places like Golfsmith are simply what they think people want, not necessarily what the manufacturer suggests.) After a few months I swapped out the LW for a series of different aftermarket wedges looking for the perfect set of qualities while still using the PW, GW and SW for full shots only. I finally ended up with a SCOR lob wedge and it did what I wanted w
  18. I love my AP1s. They are a game improvement type club, but I suppose geared somewhat toward the more serious player. They have less offset than a lot of GI class clubs, and they are contoured so as to minimize the look of the offset that is there. But they still have a sort of chunky topline like all GI clubs which seems to bother some folks. I don't really notice/worry about it. I don't have experience with the Mizunos, but I know they make top quality clubs; so whether the AP1s would be an upgrade is a question I won't delve into. However, if you're thinking of shopping for AP1s,
  19. Of course, the steel shafts wouldn't be based primarily on tradition...
  20. The whistling sound odd, almost like the head was pressurized... On the Titleist web site there is a forum you can join. Might be worth asking there. Perhaps, if it is a pressurization issue, there is a way to restore it?
  21. I'm not sure of the "official" definition of Sand Save, if there is one... I would think that it would mean you knock your second shot into the greenside bunker on a par 4, get out and "save" the par with a one-putt. However, given the circumstances, if you want it to be a Sand Save, I say go for it!
  22. Love my SCOR wedges and much love for my Newport 2. I'm actually really happy with all my Titleist clubs, but I attribute a good portion of that to the fitter and suspect that I'd be as happy with some other brands if I could get the fitting and the crowns of the 'woods' were black.
  23. Nice looking sticks, Mr. D! Looking forward to hearing how they treat you on the course.
  24. This is why Golf is a four letter word.
  25. I'm a few years behind you, but I'm a real believer in taking advantage of the benefits of the game improvement clubs. I went for Titleist AP1s not long ago and love them. But regardless of the brand, I think the absolute most important thing is getting a good fitting and selection of the right shafts for your swing. IMHO "fittings" that simply involve deciding whether you want the standard steel or graphite shaft and checking lie aren't much better than buying whatever off Ebay and hitting the course. You may already know the answer, but if not ask around for the best fitter in your area
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