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  1. @ncates00 he is working with an instructor-You could help the people who are not working with an instructor. In the past few days-You have tried to help @cipher , @RFKFREAK, @Antneye, @Lugowskins, and three of those four are working with instructors or @iacas I think. There is lots of guys here-That are not working with anyone who might love some help.
  2. Oh my. I would write more but I am going to write a letter right now and do not want to delay.
  3. Since this is from the guy who stole a whole book-I will not believe this is his either. Also-Do not love the trail elbow position at the top.-Appears to be well around by the seam.
  4. For f***s sake-You do not know if it was a good business decision. You are just bitching about something. Um the poll would be about: Does Your Course Charge Extra to Ride Solo?
  5. @Double Mocha Man I look forward to your future topics where you complain about: stamps prices going up sales tax on shipping night-time movies costing more than matinees Good god man-You are just complaining about something. This entire topic is basically you bitching-WIthout knowing anything- About a course making a business decision that they think will benefit them. Can we lock the topic now?-This feels like it should have been a tweet-not a forum topic. You asked a question-But didn't even make a poll.
  6. It does. But you know your body and the golf swing so well- I'm puzzled as to why you can't hit a draw.
  7. Maybe you should get a lesson.
  8. You seem to think that if you take a few opportunities to learn a little bit to get you started-That you can do the job others train their whole lives for and who do this for a living. So what do you do-And are you comfortable with someone else saying that they can do it after you teach them for a few hours and they watch a few YouTube videos? Some means plural-The only person saying that is you. There is no evidence to support your claim.-PGA Tour players by and large have instructors and get instruction. The better the player the more likely it is that they got instruction-And that they will get instruction in the next year or two. Yah some guys will get to scratch on their own or whatever-But that is not a reason to advise it for everyone. You have nothing to support your claim. You are saying that you can not only do the same job as people who do this for their lives,people who spend 40+ hours per week thinking about this stuff-you are saying you can do it BETTER teaching yourself. I am with the others who have said this is a stupid opinion.-You are a 17. Maybe you will be the one in 10,000 who get to scratch on their own-But odds are you will not.
  9. I've had about four or five occasions to hire a lawyer-I guess I should just represent myself in court from now on since I essentially have my own law degree.-What do you do for a living @knott?-Surely someone knows enough about doing what you do after watching a few YouTube videos.
  10. So I have a bunch of thoughts-And I am going to take time to write them out. I voted a 3.-But I wanted to vote 2.5. If the scales are every 20% then this is nowhere near the bottom 20% of lessons, and is better than the bottom 40% of lessons. It is not in the top 20 or 40, so that puts it in the middle.-I guess since there is no 0 3 is right. So let me be clear about that-I do not think this was in any way a bad lesson. I liked that Chuck was personable.-THe guy liked him and he liked the guy. They had a good rapport and got along well.-They had a few laughs and the student seemed to enjoy the time. That is that though-So while I do not think it was a bad lesson I do not think it was a good lesson. Quickly-If I can do this right: What does this guy take away from the lesson? Both physically-video pictures notes-and otherwise-What is his biggest thing to work on and how does he work on it? Very little seemingly done here. The guy worked on four or 5 things right? My goodness what is the focus? The guy got different instruction-the opposite-from another instructor in Rotary Swing? Very little use of anything but what Chuck says he saw. Disagree with several of the mechanics parts. Left knee not moving back, not moving forward, closed/square at impact, resisting the turn with the hips-More. What was the student there for? Ball flight? Speed? Did Chuck ever ask? So closed at impact. Right foot flat? And yet do not slide the hips forward?-Come on-That is going to make the hips go forward most. That is off the top of my head.-Others in this topic already got some other things.
  11. Probably did not like that we discovered he is a 4.7-I think he is just making up the results as he has not shot the scores he has said he shot himself either. Probably did not like that we discovered he is a 4.7-I think he is just making up the results as he has not shot the scores he has said he shot himself either.
  12. So @Bump-n-MI who are they because your facts are not adding up here. We have a few LPGA/Symetra players at my course and in my area. Standing game with the +1/+2 crowd-Some of whom backed the players financially-Is to let the women play from 6250 while the guys play 6820 tees. Guys are about 2:1 to win. Two thirds of the time. Does not matter the game - straight up singles, best ball, scramble, worst ball, hi-lo-to. Also I have not met many genuine scratch players who are a 4.7 index. So who are these players? I think we determined LPGA Tour players are about +6 like PGA Tour players and guys in general are about six shots better than women. National Course Rating Database Gold: 71.1 for men, 77.6 for women. So the +2.8 should be shooting often around 69-72 and the women will shoot 73 or so since they are not even LPGA Tour players they are not +6. An actual scratch player-Not a 4.7- would play them pretty closely on average.
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