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  1. Would never use it, but give him a lot of credit for the engineering of it.
  2. Played again this evening, only good thing about the round is I knocked one more birdie of the list on one of the par 5's.
  3. Played last night, added 1 birdie and 1 par, so only 14 more birdies to go. I was bouncing between the White (6123) and Blue (6416) tee's, but decided the last couple of rounds that i will stick to the Blue tee's at my home course.
  4. So not arguing here, but the video says this... and the superintendent at my old course had one and it worked great, but I think it does lift.
  5. Are you looking for new or 'kind of' new clubs? What is your budget? I don't know if there is a right answer to your question as there are many options out there depending on what you are looking to spend. I agree with getting fitted, but you may be pushed into the newer clubs, which isn't a bad thing, unless you have a limit on funds. I prefer Pings, so I would recommend the G410 or G710 irons as they are very forgiving, as well as the G400 or G410 Driver and Fairway woods. I think the first thing is to establish a budget, if there is no budget then it's all about what feels and fits you the best. If you have a budget it will take some time researching what works best with the price you have.
  6. Mine dropped down to 8.6 as of my round yesterday, I used to be able to see what rounds counted against my handicap and which ones don't, but it's not labeled that way anymore so not sure which ones they are using. Editing to add that I found where they show which 8 of the past 20 are being used.
  7. I shot an 88 on Saturday and turned around and shot a 79 today. Was fighting my grip all day Saturday, but think I got it under control today. Today had 1 double on each side that hurt, but not as bad as missing 3 birdie putts under 6', aerated greens get me every time.
  8. I enjoyed this as well, but thought they had the QB's playing from a farther distance then they should be. I think they said they were around 6800 yards, which seemed pretty long for their skills.
  9. Let us never forget!
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