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  1. OP: if I were you I would get the opinions of 2 or 3 independent instructors who have actual experience of tour play, either as ex-players themselves or as instructors of tour players past-or-present. Any decision of yours should be made with truly expert advice. Good luck to you - and definitely have a Plan B. I dare say many successful tour players had a Plan B at one time.
  2. Pity Points didn't get the win on Mother's Day - story would then have been complete (that old putter of hers .....)
  3. That is very interesting. I've never seen this (OOB between fairways) but it makes sense. hmmmm, looks like I'll have to correct what I said to a relatively inexperienced golfer last week about OOB stakes. I said they are always found on the periphery of the course - not true apparently.
  4. There is nothing hypocritical in Ernie's behavior in this matter. There's clearly no point in trying further to explain why that is. Respectfully, Chas.
  5. Agree, I've never heard a pro golfer say so either. I'd like to see video or other evidence that a pro believes that anchored putting is against the current rules of the game of golf.
  6. It seems to me that Wheatcroft played the bunker shot too quickly. His feet were near the edge of the bunker and likely he was standing a bit too near the ball as a result.
  7. Great vid of Sergio playing tennis. Isn't he a really good soccer player as well? That guy is an all-round athlete for sure - he just needs an attitude adjustment :) IIRC Ivan Lendl was a pretty good golfer, tho' I've never seen him play. I really don't see why playing tennis would inhibit your golf - other than the time taken of course.
  8. After two years of mostly shooting in the 80s and having an explicit goal of breaking 80 (as stated in this forum) I finally got it done today. Admittedly on a rather forgiving course but that's OK, I still earned it. Encinitas Ranch GC. 69.7/125. Score of 78 (39 out, 39 in), with 1 birdie (1st hole), 10 pars and 7 bogies. 9 of 14 fairways hit and 11 GIR's. My previous best was an 81, also at this course, around the middle of last year I think. I've actually shot some high scores in the past few months but they've been steadily dropping and I've been feeling more confiden
  9. Dave67: This is a bit silly. Neither Tiger nor any other sensible person is going to seriously handicap himself in his competitive performance by not doing something perfectly legal - like lift clean and place - because he thinks it ought to be illegal (if he in fact believes that). Obviously, he was using the word "cheat" in that context somewhat facetiously. No, there is nothing immoral, unethical or otherwise improper about his position. To suggest otherwise is somewhat disingenuous, to use a pretty word for it. Whatever else Tiger is or is not as a person he is a respecter of the r
  10. Agree with ^^^^^^^ I'm working on placing the ball a bit further back in my stance with mid-to-long irons to hit a bit more down on the ball. I still hit too many of them fat or thin. Looking for a lower, more penetrating ball flight. ayysol .... a bit of right knee "kick in" is a good idea IMHO. You don't want to let your weight shift to the outside of your right foot at the top because that will inhibit proper weight shift as you start down.
  11. Sure, Tiger was done ....... until he wasn't done any more.
  12. You could always wear one of those expandible belts, the stretchy ones. They look good and they're much more comfortable than leather. Main thing is to fix ALL of your divots using the seed dispenser provided and of course your pitch marks on the green. I must admit that I don't always pick up my broken tees so I've learned something on this thread, thanks Deryck.
  13. Now I'm feeling a little bit sick ...... hmmm, you may be older than I am :>) Any way you slice it, golf at, say, $12-25 an hour "wet" (i.e. including beer bought on the course .....) is darned good value.
  14. Or flying. Aircraft rental rates (single-engine 2 or 4 seaters) are usually in the range $100-150 an hour and my typical local flight is 2 or 3 hours. The "$100 lunch" is a thing of the past. Golf is cheap unless you insist on playing Pebble regularly.
  15. I don't suppose he'd like you much either, though he might find you interesting.
  16. True, but one would have to make the calculation: how much does a guaranteed $X00,000 diminish my chances of winning $Y million at the Masters. Does this mean that top players should pay for the services of a Bayesian statistician? :>)
  17. mmoan2: not a bad analysis IMO. Tiger has been rather patient about getting back to form, to judge from his interviews anyway. This is consistent with your thesis: he knows it takes him a couple years to successfully integrate a basic swing change. Now that he seems to have largely gotten things sorted he's in a very strong position. But only time will tell.
  18. If someone said that right after I chunked a 5i off the tee for 30 yds (165 yr par 3), I'd p**s myself laughing and immediately forget the irritation.
  19. Which only goes to show, we must suppose, that even low 'cappers can start making basic errors again and have difficulty self-diagnosing them. That is something I can believe. At a higher level this game is so much about confidence, which comes from a presumption of subconscious skill. When that goes south you need to buy a video camera or take a lesson. Trying to just play through it or bashing away on the range may not do the trick.
  20. And there is no flintier rock or harder place than that. Nice post turtleback.
  21. Rehmwa: the only non-inexcusable explanation I would accept is that one of the group just had a MI and they were waiting for the helicopter to show up. Other than that ..... haul you a**es to the next tee area you chumps! If there are others there, wait your turn and don't start talking in a high voice. This isn't brain surgery. :>)
  22. That kind of witty remark I can enjoy after having topped the ball off the tee, through the green (par 3) and into a pond. I mean, what else you gonna do but laugh .....
  23. I agree. Taking more than the time necessary to put clubs back in the cart before heading off to the next tee is inexcusable.
  24. Does it count if it was unintentional? Today, on a short dogleg left par 4, I hit a high draw off the tee with a 5i. I was trying to hit a straight shot to mid-to-right fairway that would set up maybe a 7i to the pin. The ball just cleared some trees in the inside left elbow, veering left and setting up a short approach shot from left fairway. What did Lee Westwood say about the high draw? Me, I may never hit one like that again!
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