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  1. I'm sorry I started this thread I sincerely asked an honest question. I was not playing a game or trolling. I sincerely wanted to know why my $2 putter that looks similar in style, shape and design and works great would cost $3,497 dollars less than the expensive putter which looks similiar to mine. I mean I can see if a putter with a good brand name on it might possibly cost someone $150, but $3,499? I sincerely don't get it.
  2. Do you really have to insult me for asking an honest question? I asked you in an earlier post, to point out the noticeable difference between my putter and the expensive putter and you give me insults to an honest question which I am merely trying to get an answer to. My putter may be ugly to you but it works just fine for me.
  3. If you read my posts carefully, you will not see where I said it bothers me. I honestly don't care how much cash a person is willing to shell out for a putter. The only thing I wanted people to do was to look at both putters in the OP and tell me what noticeable difference they can spot in the expensive putter vs. my cheapo putter.
  4. As I am sitting here contemplating my round of golf tomorrow I am devising a game plan which will enable me to shoot my lowest score ever. In order to do that I have to score below 86. However as for my game plan, I will play a smart round and always keep the ball on the fairway. I will not take any low percentage high risk shots. In my mind before each shot I will remind myself of the set up motions for each shot and analyze each ball lie followed by a couple of practice swings before I take my actual shot which will produce the desires results. I will make good ball contact and not hit the b
  5. Take any given hole you have played. The same hole you got a birdie on one day and feel you've mastered the hole, then you ended up with a double bogey on the exact same hole on another occasion. One day you're one under for the hole and on another day you're two over on the same hole for a three stoke swing on the same hole. Funny how that works isn't it.
  6. Another member of this forum (Vangator) whom I haven't see any posts from in awhile, also had a lower opinion of Pro V's But once again, the OP was about putters, not balls.
  7. The Maxi Fli out distanced the Pro V1 and had better all around feel. Matter of fact, of all the Pro V's I have ever tried I have never been satisfied. I have found that many other balls perform and feel better than Pro V's, at least for my game. My normal ball which seems to suit me best is the Top Flite Gamers which I buy on sale for $30 for 2 doz. But we're getting off track of the OP a bit now
  8. I agree with you that goods are valued at what the public is willing to pay for them. If goods are over-priced we have ourselves to blame.
  9. I found a Pro V1 and a cheaper Maxi Fli ball, and for me the cheaper Maxi Fli ball out performed the Pro V1 - that's the truth. I guess some balls are better suited for certain players as are some putters.
  10. There might be other styles of Scotty putters selling for less than the 009 model, but I looked and couldn't find a Scotty Cameron 009 putter that wasn't priced in the thousands of dollars. Absolutely agree, yet the most I would ever pay for any putter would be $10, but that's just the way I am, and currently my putting game is clicking and therefore I have no need to think about some other putter, especially one of those gimmicky, gawdy ones with those long prongs sticking out the back of it.
  11. The $3500 wasn't for Speith's putter, it was for one like the one he uses All of the Scotty Cameron putters are being listed up in the thousands of dollar's not just that one. You can check it out for yourself
  12. Look at both putters. Now other than price, tell me what noticeable differences do you see
  13. Honestly, I don't see any difference. If you do would you point the difference out. Both putters look alike in style, shape and design to me.
  14. Since Jordan Speith's putting was instrumental in his win yesterday I'm posting a pic of my $2 garage sale cheapo Knight putter which looks much in shape and design like Speith's expensive Scotty Cameron 009 putter. I saw a putter like Speith's on ebay with an opening bid of $3,499.00.. The only noticeable difference as far as I can see is the price. While Jordan made some great putts yesterday with his putter, likewise I made some of the same sort of putts during my last round from about the same distances or longer as Jordan did with my cheapo putter. I just don't get what the big hoopla is
  15. Last year I was shooting 86-95, this year so far I have been keeping it under 90. Last year I couldn't reach the majority of par 4's in two or the par 5's in three, this year I have been able to reach more par 4's in two and most par 5's in three. I have even came very close to reaching a few par 5's on two on several occasions. So yes, I have improved since last year thanks to better clubs and better swing and aim.
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