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  1. For me... Backswing - steady head, full turn Downswing - steady head, shift weight forward, point butt of club at the ball (impact - bottom of swing past the ball) Follow through - extend through the ball with straight arms, full follow through turn. It's pretty easy to see some of the 5 simple keys, like steady head, and weight forward (especially when it's obvious like when almost all of someones weight is on their back foot through the downswing through follow through).
  2. As an aside, New York is really doing bad relatively speaking. They have about the same confirmed cases as Italy with a population of 14% of Italy's population. And based on population, Calif. is doing pretty well. Yes.
  3. Interesting and good points. However, Italy is not so unique, New York is right on there heels based on deaths per million of population. I wish he would also talk about New York.
  4. Do you mean 100, a 1,000, 10,000. Those are all many. What percent are you referring too? Is there a source for this? I'm immune compromised, have been for about 10 years. There certainly are a lot more in my situation than there are with a prognosis of six or fewer months to live. My prognosis, a full life. Although, with the coronovirus being active maybe our prognosis has changed. Your statement is overly dismisive.
  5. I agree. It's very "American" to make decisions on our own. If you aren't going to follow the state madated rules (like shelter in place in California) then you are just making up your own rules. Not a good time for everyone to be making up their own rules. China is a very different culture in this regard.
  6. True enough but... Even if you multiply the confirmed U.S. cases by 100, you still get less than 3% of the population. Just saying.
  7. I recently bought this, planned on moving ball a foot and placing this down for a similar putt to the one I had. Never had a chance to use it.
  8. Shopping at the grocery store is about the most dangerous thing people in CA are allowed to do short of going to a hospital or health clinic or Dr. Office. But groceries are essential. Essential vs. nonexential activities probably shouldn't be compared to each other.
  9. Maintenance is allowed in Ca as part of the maintaining assets exception for workers, I was told this by my nephew who is still working as the head of course maintenance at the Sonoma Country Club Golf not allowed in CA. At least in my opinion, it's a non essential business under the state definitions. However, I do know of one course in Palm Springs that emailed me that they are staying open, I don't know of any courses in San Diego that are open. I think it would be best to wait several weeks before considering to open courses. Who knows what it will be like in three weeks. If I can play, I would only play as a single or a twosome with my wife, i.e, I don't want to be paired up. I doubt the courses are going to allow that.
  10. I may be acting over catious re: groceries and deliveries. I'm going to continue what I'm doing as I'm immune compromised. There is just so much uncertainty. This article states that we aren't at such great risk from packaging, it's person to person respritory that is the biggest risk or so it seems from the article. Don't rely on me though please read the article: https://www.cnn.com/2020/03/20/health/food-safety-groceries-coronavirus-wellness/index.html
  11. I have too much time at home, music is one of my diversions. (Good time to learn an instrument if that is something you've always wanted to do.) Yesterday afternoon I was playing a bass line and a song started to happen. It's just a songlet at this point in need of a chorus and some more verses.
  12. Mail and groceries; I put disposable gloves on, stage them in the garage and don't touch them for four days. Refrigerated items, spray down with bleach spray, let them sit for a few minutes and then wipe them down. Fruit and vegetables I use a fruit and vegtable spray cleaner, for banana and oranges a bleach spray. I throw away the gloves, and wash my hands after any of that Gas nozzle, haven't done that yet, but will use disposable gloves, throw them in the trash by the pumps, use hand sanitizer. My groceries are delivered and set on the porch. I don't touch any door handles except my own, as I only go off my property to walk my dogs twice a day. I don't get within 15 feet of anyone but my wife. Five days like this so far. I feel I may get all A's on all tests for the semester but still fail the course. I hope the whole country doesn't get like California is now. Everyone should just pretend everyone has the virus and act accordingly, imo.
  13. Sorry for the sarcasm. I was a bit flabbergasted that no one seemed to be concerned about the cup.
  14. Understand, you aren't in such a hot spot... and I'm immune compromised. I'm thinking error on the side of caution.
  15. I don't think the order is meant to be that subjective. I'm thinking subjective interpretations is a difference between a country like ours and one like China. Hopefully they'll have only one person per cart.
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