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  1. Well...Are you doing the same thing over and over???? If you are then I don't know but then again if you are changing it up swing after swing then that may be a problem......
  2. He's not always serious. If you watch closer you will see him try to make jokes everytime. They arent always funny even though he will laugh at them. lol. Yeah I like Tiger.
  3. www.cameroncollector.com is a good place, you can also check out www.classiccamerons.com www.tablerock.com www.whattheprosplay.com Cameron Collector is actually a forum where you can look in the marketplace and see what people are selling and you can also put up what you are looking for in the WTB section. The other websites have good stuff, but you will have to pay big bucks on those sites..... Good Luck
  4. I have this club with the Voo Doo Shaft. It's definately a "money club" . Great Choice. Long too. I think its close to being as long as a driver off the turf, not as long but pretty close.
  5. The best GC food I ever had came from a Golf Course at Fort Bragg, NC. The course is called Ryder GC. It was called the Parmaster and it was a big thick cheesburger. Similiar to the burgers you can get at Fuddruckers, not as big though. It was something you had to get after you were finished because you wouldn't want that thing floating around inside your stomach while running around on the course. It was delicious though.
  6. Yep. "If you are early, you are on time, if you are on time, you are late" Rudeness........ Writing on bathroom walls......... Litter........ Cigarette Butts anywhere other than the trash...... People who merge onto the highway going 40 mph......... I could go on and on......
  7. I just got a Nike Belt that is reversible, black and white. It is a really nice belt. I havent actually used the white side yet but its always there as an option. It was a good purchase definately better than my black Kenneth Cole belt.
  8. I have a 2 Hybrid and I am off and on with that thing. I just have to remember to take a nice and easy swing with it and it makes the ball fly, anything other than a nice and easy swing though and the ball goes nowhere. Anyhow like I said I am off and on with mine, I would rather just use an iron.
  9. What!! The people at Nike are awesome! The folks over at Scotty Cameron are pretty Cool too, even though they are considered Titleist Don't get me wrong about Titleist equipment though. They make great stuff and even though I dont recall speaking with a Titleist rep on the phone I did talk to one at a demo day when I first started playing and that guy was a d**k.
  10. Well it turns out they only restore steel clubs and putters. Anything with Nickel or Copper they wont do, and apparently that includes the Ping Redwood. So as it turns out thats 3 strikes for Ping with me, I am going to have to move on to a different brand.
  11. Check your grip and try to see how the club face looks at impact, whether its open slightly or closed slightly thats what causes the fades and the draws.
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