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  1. I don't know about you guys but I tried Scotties and I did not like them. I tried the Newport anser style, the Santa Fe and the Detour, didn't like any of them. I tried the Rife, liked it a lot, but I think nothing surpasses a PING putter. I am a PING man when it comes to putters, all the way.
  2. 1- Drop my handicap from 28 to 22. 2- More driving accuracy and length. 3- More GIRs. 4- More Pars per round. 5- Shoot a round in the high 70's or low 80's.
  3. These guys are amazing. If they can carry the ball that long they will probably reach the green in one shot in most holes here at our course as it's not a very long course.
  4. Not to burst your bubble, but this might be the honey moon period. It won't be long before your putting gets back to what it was before. I had the same feeling with my new putter for the first couple of weeks. I hope I am mistaken, but just to let you know
  5. Our team won 1st place with a net score of 17.2 under par (gross 9 under). Less than 1 stroke seperated us from the 2nd place team who scored an amazing 15 under par gross. I got a birdie on the last hole and that's what got us the match!! (and it was sunny most of the day ) http://www.ascgolf.com/resulttexaxscramble.htm
  6. The fact that you can play golf all year alone is worth the move. But seriosuly, it's not always nice. Being dependant is much better.
  7. Nothing special for me, just the stock grips that comes with the clubs. I particularly love the Mizuno Golf Pride M-21 tour velvet that comes with the irons. They are midsize I think (they're a bit bigger in size than regular grips) and they are really nice and tacky. I also like the Cleveland grip on my driver.
  8. I'm 23, still a college student (last year) and I have absolutely no source of dependant income, so my parents pay for everything golf; from balls to tees to clubs to lessons (when I used to have them). Fortunately I can still play for free at our club since I'm not yet over their "junior" age limit, but once I get to that point, they will be paying the green fees as well, and they do it with a happy smile. I know this might sound strange and bratty, but things are totally different down here than it is in the US. And I mean, really really different. It's a whole different culture and a whol
  9. I know what you're talking about when you feel you're playing the same shots every time. I get the exact feeling since I play nowhere but my home course which is the only course in town, the nearest course is a crappy executive course 90 kms away that is too expensive for what it is. But at least you get to know if you've improved or not; seeing if you're driving it farther, hitting better approaches, and comparing scores. It's not that really bad after all. I also know about playing solo, but I do like playing solo, at least every once in a while (I played 9 holes solo today and played go
  10. I am a stout Mizuno fan as well. My MX950's are nothing but great. To tell you the truth though, I would've loved them more if they did not have the hollow wide sole mid irons (5, 6, 7). The short irons and the hybrids are just great though. I would recommend you try hitting everything. The MX200s are certainly a good choice. Also check other forged Japanese irons, like Bridgestone J36 pocket cavity and Srixon I701. You can get these new for very good prices if you know where to look at, much cheaper than the Mizzies and nothing short of quality. Good luck on your search and let us know wh
  11. You can't get the best of everything. Life here is certainly not as easy and comfortable as in the US, but at least we can golf all year.
  12. I took up golf almost 2 years ago. The 12th tee is right in front of the gym at our club and I used to see people teeing off all the time, and one day a friend encouraged me to try golf and I got hooked up instantly. What golf represents to me is a lot. It sometimes represents frustration and failure, and at other times achievement and self-accomplishment. That's why I love it.
  13. Weather forecast: sunny, clear day, no clouds or rain, about 24C. Tell me again guys, how cold is it at your course?? No, I am not teasing you or anything
  14. I love both brands. Actually I don't think I will ever be playing with any irons in the future except for my beloved 3 brands: Mizuno, Srixon and Bridgestone. Yes, they two things in common: Japan and forged. Not to diss any other brands, but I just love these guys.
  15. Mizuno. I'd go like that: -MX700 driver -MX700 3 Wood -MX700 3 hybrid -MP52 4-PW -MP T-10 52, 56, 60 -Bettinardi BC02.
  16. http://www.rockbottomgolf.com/adams-...wedge-set.html I have the 56 and I like it a lot.
  17. I played last week with a 10 handicapper who was using MP67 blades, and he was hitting them fairly consistently. And yes, you just have to respect someone using blades until you see him hitting them; if he can, your respect multiplies, if he can't, your respect turns to pity.
  18. On the way to the course, 6:30 AM. Arriving at the course and the "Magnolia Lane" Putting my bag on the cart and getting ready Moving on to the 5th tee, where our shotgun starts. And some more photos form the day
  19. Just came back from the event. It was awesome. Can't say I played good, scored a 25 (winner scored a 39) but considering it's a very tough course with CRAZY greens, and that it's my very first time to play there, also the fact that today was windy like hell and it even rained a few times, I am really not dissapointed. I could've scored better if I had some experience on the course, I picked up my ball on 7 holes and mostly because I was playing blindly. But the holes that I played I made good scores on them. The driving was OK and my irons were solid, but again, I was decieved on many holes
  20. Tell me about it. There should be a rule that allows you to take relief if your ball lands in someone else's divot.
  21. I will, don't worry. Thanks for the advice :)
  22. That's exactly how I would describe the feel on my Mizunos (the PW-8i only, sadly the 7, 6 and 5 irons are hybrid irons, a little bit hollow feel) They ARE supposed to be a bit friendly to high handicappers. What do you think that deep pocket is doing there? :D Judging by your review, I think they're much like the MP52s.
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