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  1. I played roughly 150 rounds this year in my first full season. Hopefully I can do it again next year.
  2. I don't hit off tree roots. I will in a tournament though but that hasn't happened yet luckily.
  3. I am the water service specialist for the city I live in.
  4. My goal is to be a 5 or less this time next year and to shoot an even par or better round. Increasing my strength and flexibility this winter should help me gain some yards to make more manageable approach shots.
  5. I hear ya man. It will definitely be money and time well spent. All golf is though is extra time, money and a whole hell of a lot of fun.
  6. In my opinion the very best thing you can do is get a lesson now before you develop too many bad habits. A good teacher will get you started off right. It'll also save you from extra frustration since golf already involves so much as it is.
  7. The way we do it at my home course is the guy chipping is closer but wants the flag left in then he goes. If he wants it out it turns in to the distance factor. It works for us.
  8. I believe that could be considered torture in some parts of the world. That's a solid present that will no doubt be worth the wait.
  9. Since I am new to TST I knew nothing of this thread. This was my first full season playing golf as I had started playing the previous June. Last year I lived in the 110-130 area. My goal for this year was to shoot one round of bogey golf which I accomplished the week after I made the goal. I then got a handicap which started as a 24 and ended at 12.7 with a best round of a 5 over 77. I have a huge goal for next year which may be unrealistic but hey, where would we be without lofty goals. I hope to be a 5 or better by next years end.
  10. My average is 240 total distance. On a blistering July day in 105 degrees I piped one 313 yards. I was shocked because I'd never once come close to that. I suppose when you actually hit a g30 in the sweet spot the ball goes places.
  11. I had a little tourney cash to use so I tried a bunch of putters and settled on the odyssey two ball face balanced tank. I absolutely love it. Distance control is incredible with that thing and the ball comes off great. It's worth a peek. Let us know what you decide to roll with. See what I did there?
  12. Thanks for the input. I feel as though I won't be disappointed when I purchase the irons. I think I will start with the set gap wedge as my home pro shop carries the glides so if I feel I am losing out on something I can just pick it up.
  13. I want to play Moses pointe next year, heard it was fun. How are the tracks in Seattle?
  14. Welcome aboard chief from one newb to another. I too live in Washington, Wenatchee to be precise. Where are you located?
  15. Easy one for me, all year golf. I'd be more likely to get divorced if I only got to play once than if I played 150 rounds.
  16. I also hit the G Max, I really didn't like the sound it makes at contact. It could just be but I couldn't listen to that sound 10,000 times a year.
  17. In my experience when you hit that thing pure off the deck you don't feel a thing and it comes off like a rocket even with my slow swing speed.
  18. Thanks for the input, I definitely like what I am hearing so far. What didn't you like about the 3 wood? I absolutely love mine.
  19. That's good info there. Did you play the g30 gap wedge as well? I'm wondering if I go with the matching gap or get the glide. I do hit a lot of full shots with my gap but I also like to spin it as well. If you did play the stock gap, could you spin the ball?
  20. I have the driver, 3 wood and just bought the 3 hybrid. I love them all. They are a great product and I really did like the way the irons felt. Picked up 20 yards with the 7 doing nothing different than normal during my demo/fitting. They have me super intrigued.
  21. I was notified of the rules of asking questions via message when I signed up so I did in fact search for this subject first. Does anyone play the g30 irons? If so I would love your feedback. I recently tried them out and was fitted for a set and I really enjoyed the feel of them and the way the ball flew off of them. I currently play mizuno mx25 which I believe are roughly 10 years old so the new technogy has me eager to see what it can do for me game.
  22. Good afternoon all. I have just joined this sand trap and wanted to say hello. My name is Brian and I live in Washington state, have been playing for 1 1/2 years now and am looking forward to getting to know more people who share my new passion for golf. Have a wonderful day.
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