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  1. Still Tiger Woods. Instead of what he is doing, we would be discussing what he has done or could have done. He is the most polarizing figure in golf, you can't avoid talking about him. I suggest if you aren't interested in the discussion you don't enter the thread. I'd be willing to find out!
  2. I can only drive the ball about 240yds, but my penis size is 350yds and I have slept with 200yds of women.
  3. Iron covers causing pace of play issues? That's funny!
  4. Do you disagree his original premise that Scotty's are over-rated? I mean, how many Scotty owners have them fitted to even half the standard that your fitting was? IMO, not many. Most see the name "Scotty Cameron" and drool and buy one of the shelf. I don't know if it is a status symbol for them or if they actually think they will putt better because of the name on the club.
  5. If you look at his other thread he flew 6500 miles from Tokyo for that fitting! That is some serious dedication. Nice putter BTW!
  6. He didn't win all 4 majors in a season in his prime, but you think he can do it now? Like I said earlier, care to make a bet?
  7. You have zero tolerance, but you are going to intentionally hit back into somebody? That is awfully hypocritical, don't you think? Not to mention dangerous and opening yourself up to liability. Don't be a douche bag.
  8. LPGA tournaments are mostly in the mid 6000 range for yardage I think. Some shorter, some longer. From those tees(both playing the same tees), yes the LPGA player will wipe the floor with the male scratch golfer. The 100th ranked player has a scoring average of 74 in tournament conditions. Similar to the PGA add, these gals are good!
  9. This couldn't be further from the truth. LPGA players would wipe the floor with an average golf guy. They will wipe the floor with scratch players, let alone an average guy.
  10. Since you share the opinion, could you please elaborate on how they are "hurting" the game of golf?
  11. You can get a few points of swing weight by changing your grips to winn lite grips if you want something more immediate.
  12. Stopped by menards last night. The drivers were $120 up here and the fairways were $99. Good find though!
  13. You have got to post a picture of this single seat sports car.
  14. Where did you find it? I might stop at Menards on my way home! I've always called them the Walmart of home improvement stores.
  15. Simple, when you buy a golf set don't sell his! Then you will have 2.
  16. For future reference, you can get shipping boxes from your local golf stores. They should just give them to you.
  17. I think that is a silly way to think about it. There won't be another Tiger and Jack for some time, if ever. Does that mean that there is no future? What if he has a career similar to his idol Phil with no other US golfers doing much of anything. Phil was a step ahead of any other US golfer outside of Tiger. Is it not possible that he could be a step ahead of other US golfers? All he has to do to be the "future" of US golf is to be better and win more than all of the others. Again, I don't know if it is probable, but it is certainly possible.
  18. The only way to tell is by taking it to the range to compare or do it on the course. It is impossible for us to tell. It could be a swing issue that causes the extreme height.
  19. Perhaps you should look at his signature, avatar, and the fact that he is an insider. It is clear as day. iacas doesn't need any protecting.
  20. That is nonsense. You still need to be able to read the green and get the speed right. If it were that easy, all the pros would be using them and there would be many more wins with them.
  21. I think you guys missed the point on this one. The OP didn't ask "will Keegan dominate like Tiger and Jack?" He didn't say a word about domination. He wasn't comparing Bradley to Tiger or Jack either. He was simply asking if he is the future of US golf, which is entirely possible. Probable? I don't know, but it is certainly possible. No one(currently) is going to be like Jack and Tiger. That doesn't mean that we can't have a player or 2 that are just a step above the others, thus making them the future of US golf. If you are basing the future of US golf on the ability to completely dominate
  22. There are many worse choices than bud light. I am sure it is jus what he had in the fridge.
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