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  1. Should have had them throw on a winn lite grip to offset the loss of swing weight.
  2. Would you care to put your money where your mouth is? I am intrigued by those Edel putters and fitting. Shall we bet that?
  3. Pay the $125 and get fitted. Then shop around. There are plenty of drivers for much cheaper than you are looking at. You can probably find something that would do much better for under $200.
  4. For my game the ball really doesn't matter much. I haven't played much this year so I have only used 1 ball Taylormade TP Red. Last year I used some TP Reds, Nike One Tour D, Bridgestone E6, Top Flite D2 feel, and Nike One Tours. Scores were pretty much the same with all of them.
  5. Yes you. Would you say you improved your putting by 1-2 strokes per round? More? Less? I couldn't care less about you pushing either of them or trying to sell them. I am interested in real world results. As far as I am concerned this thread was about you showing off a new club you got. Just like anyother TST member that got some sweet new sticks.
  6. Bump for some putting results. Has your putting improved? If so, by how much?
  7. I would think that the pro you are working with would better be able to answer these questions that us at TST. If he can't answer these questions, it is time to find a new pro.
  8. This is where you go wrong. As far as the PGA Tour goes, Tiger IS golf. People watch golf when Tiger is in contention. They don't watch when Tiger isn't around. The final round of the PGA got the same ratings as the 1st round of the NFL draft. The same rating as names getting called! If it weren't for Tiger, Bradley wouldn't have taken home a check for $1.4 million yesterday. Without Tiger, Jason Dufner doesn't have $7.1 million in tour winnings without ever stepping foot in the winners circle.
  9. I played Master Grip woods for most of High School(on the golf team). Nothing wrong with them if they work for you. My wife is now using those master grip woods.
  10. I've seen those. I was wondering if anybody had any real world experience. I think I am leaning toward the tour version to be safe.
  11. That's the rub. We AREN'T talking about total dollars per round. That isn't what the article(i.e. the discussion) was about. The article was specifically about his ON COURSE earnings.
  12. Looking at the FT-IZ. Don't know if I should go with regular or tour versions. Is the face actually square on the regular and 1* open on the tour?
  13. No need to be smarmy. It isn't about being "wise", it is about actually reading what was posted. I assume everybody on a golf forum online can read.
  14. He should jump back on the ho train.
  15. Pretty sure everyone is aware of that fact. The article did state on course earnings.
  16. Shaft perhaps? What shaft was in your DCI's? Tri-spec? What is in the Mizzy's?
  17. This is certainly going to test Tiger's mental resolve.
  18. I like the format while at work because it is easier to watch and work at the same time. I would hate it on TV though.
  19. Thank goodness for dual screens at work!
  20. If the higher handicapper truly realizes that putting is the first step to lowering one's HC, his money would not be spent on a Cameron. He would be buying putting lessons and a putter that fits him from any brand. A Cameron will not make someone a better putter. An Odyssey will make putts just the same as a Cameron at a fraction of the price, thus leaving more money for more lessons.
  21. I don't have a facebook page, so you aren't the only one. Post your items for sale in the for sale forum if you want to sell them. As a buyer, I would recommend buying a camera and taking high quality pictures of your items for sale. It is quite simple to get a picture on this forum.
  22. The point was that you said nobody cares. I said you did because you put a label on it, that is all. I would be checking out the chick while hanging with JD. He is bound to help you pull tail.
  23. At the very least, I would go in and ask. If they said yes, I would probably buy an overpriced soda from their bar and take advantage of their generousity. If they said no, I would thank them and be on my way.
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