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A transplanted Yankee; I originally hail from Detroit, Michigan.  Been down south longer than I care to remember.  Grew up around the game.  My first set was a 3,5,7,9 iron, and a putter, in a small, white, canvas bag.  Won a trophy when I was 10.  Still got the newspaper clipping.  The kid in the picture doesn't know his tournament career is at its zenith.  My index (12) is a rough estimate.  The regular weekly game is match play; although I do play in a foursome once a month or so.  On a good day, with no tee shots OB, I can break 80.  I build and repair clubs...like to tinker with things...and used to be a pitching coach/instructor.  My swing is rotational and my favorite Jones's are Bobby, Ernest, Terry, Mick, and Mother.  My swing philosophy was fairly primitive until I began teaching kids (10 - 18) how to be pitchers.  That experience taught me how to interpret instruction as well as how to winnow the wheat from the chaff...so to speak. (I coached in Little League, Junior ball, and High school, from 2000 to 2010).  I believe that what many people interpret as mistakes are actually corrections; movements necessitated by an earlier one.  That kind of teaching leads nowhere as it consists of an endless stream of palliatives.   Better to identify the root cause.    I am also convinced that I can learn something from anyone.                                                      

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