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  1. Handy stuff to know if you find yourself playing golf in a Fallout game.
  2. He was something of a night crawler; he may have been thinking about worms.
  3. It appears, to me, that the large piece is meant to accept a shafted club head. If so...it may have been used to hold the face vertical while aligning the lettering on a shaft...just after installing it. I can't think of any reason such a set-up would be necessary but who knows?
  4. Welcome @ajl You mentioned that the shafts must be crap because the whole set cost you $150. That is not necessarily the case. A set of clubs costs less than buying all the individual components separately...just as buying all the parts to assemble a guitar with can exceed the cost of buying one off the rack. There are exceptions, of course, but my point is that a set of clubs (or a guitar) cannot be accurately assessed solely on expenditure or resale value.
  5. I use a product called Epoxy-Gon (available from Golfworks). It acts as a solvent before the epoxy begins to set. It isn't nearly as volatile as acetone and works well removing the smear you are talking about.
  6. You aren't thinking long term. Those 5 measly shots will (at the current rate of expansion) balloon to 50 shots in only 600 years. Imagine having to card a dozen holes-in-one just to make the cut.
  7. It is something of a running joke, among my friends and I, that the younger the group ahead of us is...the slower they are likely to play. While it isn't true in all instances...it is certainly the case more often than not. I suspect that they simply do not know how to get around the course in a reasonable length of time...or that such a thing is expected of them.
  8. Approximately zilch. Most people play 9 when there isn't time to play 18. Or...the person taking them out figures they will be knackered long before they have completed the entire circuit. A better question would be: what percentage of people who play golf once decide they haven't had enough?
  9. With the Flying Spaghetti Monster as my witness...I thought this topic had something to do with the relative salinity of one's feet.
  10. There is no direct correlation between a golfer's handicap and their value as a playing partner. I thoroughly enjoy a day out with friends who are not very accomplished and those who are better than I am. I enjoy playing with people I've never met and may never see again. Yeah...you run into some jerks from time to time...but that happens everywhere. What is respectable? Being a decent person. I don't care what your handicap is. Let's go scrape it around and see what happens. Who knows?...we might learn something.
  11. I agree with everything Ian said. I do not agree, however, that distance is a problem that needs addressing. Sure...a long, straight, hole with little in the way of trouble favors the long hitters...but how many of those do we typically encounter? I'd say it has more to do with course design than it does length off the tee.
  12. My favorite older MacGregor irons are the PCB Tour Forged. They date, I believe, back to 2000. The set runs 3 thru pitching wedge and the lofts are approx. one club weaker than my current set(s). I bought them used, several years ago, intending to harvest the shafts. After playing a round with them I decided to keep them intact. P.S. Although I do not recall, specifically, what I paid for them it cannot have been more than 40-50 bucks. Most of my older name-brand stuff came from thrift stores and yard sales.
  13. Try opening up a wedge and following the slope. That will add back some of the loft.
  14. Piz

    Legal Chipper

    I have two chippers: a left-handed 42 and a right-handed 24. I use the left-handed club when an obstacle prevents me from using a right-handed club. The 24 is used for putting from off but near the green. Unlike the 42 it was designed with a putting stroke in mind...with a heavier (300gr) head and a shorter, more upright, shaft. I would recommend to anyone considering putting with a chipper that they find a club as much like a putter as possible. As for gripping down on an iron...the Runyan-style chip/putt is worth a look.
  15. I wouldn't be too hasty. It could be that the golf ball didn't recognize you in that particular outfit. Have you considered wearing dark glasses or disguising your voice?
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