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  1. Piz

    Walk Up Music

    Revolt into style. Bill Nelson's Red Noise.
  2. A golf pro needn't be a professional golfer. A teaching pro is a golf professional. We reserve the term "professional golfer" for those people who make their living playing golf. A person who makes a golf video has not, to my knowledge, surrendered their amateur status and, therefore, is not a golf pro.
  3. I have multiple iron sets. Some are legacies. Most are either clubs I've used in the past or picked up at thrift stores or yard sales. Here they are. Callaway S2H2 5 thru SW Orlimar Sf 302 4 thru PW MacGregor PCB Tour 3 thru PW Henning Aire-Link 5 thru SW TaylorMade RAC HT 3 thru LW Maltby TE Forged 3 thru GW Maltby TU 4 thru GW The list used to be longer but I gave the first set I assembled to a friend who is "thinking" about taking up the game and donated another (Square 2) to a kid's program at the local executive track.
  4. Just saying, @klineka, that I generally miss left, with the driver, when the ball does not take the intended line. So I usually leave the driver in the bag if there is trouble, or no advantage to be found, down the left side. If the opposite is the case I'll pull the driver (pun intended) and feel good about it.
  5. It depends, also, on your default miss. When I get out of shape I yank the ball left. That isn't a problem on a dog leg left but it is a disaster on a dog leg right.
  6. My irons are approaching their 10th birthday...or 11th...I'm not certain. My driver, a Cleveland Hi-bore, dates to 2006. I don't know, exactly, how old my putter is.
  7. Well...I did...but I was dormie after 16 and it felt more like an escape than a win.
  8. I have one story from the 2020 golf season: it's wet...really, really, wet. Playing a golf shot, from the fairway, is akin to standing in a john boat and attempting to pick a ping pong ball off the surface of a pond. That being said...we had an excellent match last Sunday. It went into OT and was finally resolved with a birdie on the 20th hole.
  9. My dad was legally blind the last few years of his life. It didn't stop us from playing golf but we did have to make accommodations. He could see the green but not the cup...so i would stand directly behind the hole, on the longer putts, and he would putt at me. Another problem was his inability to identify his irons. We tried two things: one that worked and one that did not. The first was the braille approach. Dad couldn't read the numbers by touch, however, so we abandoned that idea. Next we tried colored plastic tape, similar to electrical tape, and met with success. He could distinguish yellow quite well. I wrapped each iron hosel with bright, yellow, tape and then numbered the clubs with a black Sharpie. That he could see.
  10. I've always used inexpensive golf balls. Once in a while the model I'm using is discontinued and I have to pick a new favorite. I think it is helpful, for me anyways, to use the same ball...especially around the green. I don't think it matters which ball one chooses though.
  11. We jump when there is clear sailing ahead. If it just means waiting behind another slow group...we stay put and accept reality.
  12. Piz

    Re-grip question

    Yeah...but then you don't get to pull the tee out with your teeth.
  13. Piz

    Re-grip question

    When using grip tape it is necessary to use solvent. Mineral spirits work fine. There are also products made specifically for the task. Plug the hole, in the butt end of the grip, with a tee. Pour, or squirt, some solvent into the grip. Put your thumb over it and give it a few shakes...then pour the solvent, from the grip, on the taped butt end of the club. Rub it all over, pull the tee, and slide the grip on. Align it and wipe off any excess solvent. P.S. Make sure to remove the backing from the grip tape before applying the solvent.
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