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    Yep. That happened yesterday. In a tournament. I hit nine greens in regulation yesterday. Bogey - Par - Par - Double - Bogey - Par - Par - Double - Bogey The longest putt I made all day was two feet. Not a single hole where I had just one putt. Yes... those doubles were a pair of four-putts. The putter almost found the bottom of a lake yesterday. CY
  2. On our honeymoon, my wife suggested I bring my clubs and play a course out in Jamaica so she could tag along (I knew then that I won the lottery). I chose to play Cinnamon Hill two days after we were married. One of the holes (I can't remember which since it's been over 15 years now) has a power line that crosses in front of the tee about 100 yards out or so. It's a downhill hole, so you're up pretty high and the power line crosses at a height where most people would go right over it. I jokingly asked my caddie what happened if my ball hit the power line and he said I'd replay the shot
  3. It's been a different kind of year for me, in regards to golf. Just about a year ago... I found out that the job I'd had for over 7 years was going away. With it... a decent salary and a very, very flexible schedule would be going away too. Luckily, I had made a great friend through golf who immediately offered me an opportunity. It was going to come with a steep learning curve and, early on... a sizable decrease in pay... but it was a job. With those changes came some choices. I decided to leave the club I was a member at... dedicate more time to work... and life was just going to b
  4. I don't have one currently. I don't get to play or practice as much as I'd like to. If I was going to pick a number, right now, it would probably be 90 yards with a 3/4 approach wedge. I'm going to be inside a reasonable putt length with that shot the majority of the time. It used to be 60 yards with a 3/4 lob wedge. Right now, I just don't feel comfortable with either of my Vokey wedges in hand. CY
  5. Wow... so tempting! I don't think I could take the bet, though. I'm good with my 8 iron, and I'm certain with that number of shots... I'd come very close, but... if I didn't make one early on, the pressure would mount and it would become near impossible. I play golf for fun and to relieve stress. Bringing stress into the equation with the threat of prison hanging over my head would completely destroy that for me! CY
  6. On Saturday, February 16th... we played our second event of the 2019 season at Edgewater Golf Club in Lancaster, SC. Below is the recap. --------------------------------------------------------- Game Golf Link Scorecard Link I did pretty much everything I could to prepare myself for the next tournament of the 2019 season. Despite being a pretty busy period at work, I found time to hit some balls and even played a round at another course on a Thursday afternoon when I had a chance. Unfortunately, none of that had prepared me for the weather we ultimately experienced the day
  7. I've played on a few different 'tours' in the past. None had been as involved as this one, but... they were still fun. The problem was that the level of activity really died down at certain points. Guys would join and have all intentions of playing out the season, then they'd struggle and give up. We'd have some tournaments where total fields were less than 12 players. It put a damper on things. With the Golfweek Tour, it's year-round participation. The best part is the National Championship in Hilton Head. 800+ players every year and it's a GREAT time to be on the island. My family
  8. Thanks! I have to enter all the information manually but it's pretty simple for me since I write all the information on my scorecard. It takes me maybe 75 seconds to enter my scores. Hmmmm... I guess I can see what you're saying based on what I posted. That said... I disagree. Even though I posted a detailed recap, I didn't post my thought process for each swing or any of the actual details of my practice (or rather lack of practice) leading up to the event. 100% there's an issue with my ball striking. I completely lost the feeling of hitting solid shots. Unfortu
  9. I used to recap all of my rounds on here. It was easy when I played 20 - 30 rounds a year. Then I joined a club and played a bunch. At that point, it became too much to recap them all. Well... I left my club in September and I play a lot less now. That gives me a little more time to recap the rounds I do play. I'm going to limit the recaps to my tournament play. I'm now entering my 5th season playing on the Golfweek Amateur Tour in Charlotte. I've yet to find anything that comes close to rivaling it for both the competition and the camaraderie. You see many of the same faces year-afte
  10. The guy's swing didn't look like he was capable of intentionally performing that, to be honest. It's certainly something I could see someone fairly new to golf doing... especially if it's their first time at a range with such a setup. That said... society today dictates that such foolishness rewards, so... who knows? CY
  11. 1. Not even close. I've played 87.5 rounds (maybe another 3 or 4 before the year is totally over) and I've had 156 penalties. It seemed that when things went bad... they went really bad. I struggled with my driver a lot this year and that led to a large majority of these penalties. 2. Nope. I'm at 34.8% right now. Again... a lot of this was struggles off the tee again and not leaving myself an opportunity to hit greens. The other thing was playing from tees a little further back (6400 yards instead of about 6100 yards) meant hitting slightly longer clubs into certain greens. 3. Ano
  12. <rant> About 6 weeks ago... I was playing some of the best golf I had ever played in my life. Drives were finding the fairway. Approach shots were on or near the green. I was able to get up & down if I missed. Putts were dropping. Scores were (for me) low. Golf was FUN. About 5 weeks ago... life got a little busy. I made a change with what I do for work. The kids went back to school. My oldest entered his freshman year at Clemson. There just wasn't enough time to make golf a focal point. I played 2 rounds in 5 days about 3 weeks ago. The first was with a golf
  13. I'd venture to say you're right. I know it's not actually SBST... there's still a bit of an arc to it, but it's far less of an arc than I'd ever had before. The feel of it is more like I'm pushing it outside on the way back (which I'm not, it just feels that way right now because it's new to me) with a shut face and then trying to hold it off a little after impact. It's been helpful in getting the ball started on my intended line, which has resulted in a lot more putts dropping and my lag putts being much closer to the hole. Good idea on taking video. I never really think to do it
  14. Thanks everyone! It felt great being out there. My scores have been dropping pretty consistently, but... last night was just a different type of round. Straight as in down the line. I almost always had a small arc (like the orbit you mentioned). It wasn't major... but it led to a lot of pushes and pulls at times. With the straight back - straight through swing... those pushes and pulls have been significantly reduced and I'm starting the ball on my lines more consistently. I've been using it for about three weeks now and the results (especially from inside 10 feet) have been
  15. So... things have been coming together for me with my golf game recently. Something clicked with my full swing about 2-3 months ago and then it got even better when I slowed down a bit. My tempo has never been better and I'm really starting to strike the ball well. Even better, though, is the fact that I've begun putting much better. My daughters were talking to one of the assistants at our club after a junior clinic about 3 weeks ago. They've struggled with putting... so, they asked about some help with putting. The assistant took them inside the pro shop and set them up on the carp
  16. I started playing in 1993. I think the first time I broke 100 was in 1996 or 1997. It took FOREVER for me to crack the 90 mark. That finally happened in 2010... and then I didn't crack the 80 mark until this year (and I've managed it 3 times in the last 2 months and added a trio of 80's to that as well). So... it took me some time for each of those achievements. None of it came easy and, unfortunately, other than a short game lesson last year... I've done it without the watchful eye of a coach. I believe I'd have crossed them all off my list FAR quicker if I had been able to afford les
  17. Wow... you haven't won this one yet??? I'll be ready tomorrow. I'm feeling good. Just gotta keep myself focused. I'm 0 for 13 in majors at this point. Something's gotta give! CY
  18. It's getting better. I used to be 90% play... 10% practice. One of my buddies practices like it's his religion. When he is preparing for a tournament, it's not unusual for him to practice 3+ hours a day. He's started to rub off on me a bit. I'd say that, so far, it's about 65% play... 35% practice for me. The difference is really that, when I'm practicing... I'm focused on something specific. When I'm hitting chips, for example... I'm not worried about how close the ball is getting to the target when I start. I'm more focused on keeping the club moving at a consistent speed and
  19. Hey all. I've been away from the forum for a bit. I began to get frustrated by my play since October. I struggled, a lot at times, and began to feel like I'd just completely lost my game. A few months ago, my wife decided to start coming out to the course with me now and again. We played a few couples events at the club and it really reminded me what I loved about the game. The frustrations I had started to disappear and I began loving the game again. Anyway... my unofficial handicap (all rounds) ballooned from 9.8 on September 1st of last year all the way to a 15.6 as of May 1st of
  20. I've played with the GWAT now for going on 4 years. I play on one of the more involved 'chapters', playing out of Charlotte. The $100 annual membership is not overly expensive... and events range from $85 to $110 per week... with several two-day events running about $195 or so. There are also some high end events, such as the Southern Regional at Kiawah where you play 2 courses, including the Ocean Course. It's run very well. Live scoring is a blast. Optional cash games keep things interesting. The best part is that the people who play in these events are all just like me. They're
  21. I miss football and everything that went along with it. The summer two-a-days... the tackling drills... the weight room... the feeling and smell of the grass while stretching prior to a game... the sounds. The day I played my last football game, a little piece of me died. I took up golf my freshman year after my baseball coach passed away. It was a different game and I enjoyed the serenity of it. It still didn't compare to football (to me) at that time. I'd obsess over football. I'd draw up plays of my own. I'd put together the neighborhood game and then ruin it because I was tryin
  22. I am a sucker for good, old fashioned course layout. My home course, although not long, is very tough. You have to be able to work the ball left-to-right, right-to-left, high, low, spinning or dead. We have a pair of par 5's that are reachable... and a pair that are only reachable for the longer hitters. We have short par 4's that dogleg severely and require either a perfect driver to get up over some trees or a shorter club that you can work around the corner without going too deep. Our closing hole is only 312 yards but it's straight uphill... with bunkers in the landing area... a t
  23. I was just browsing some of the blog entries and happened upon this one. Oddly enough, I just posted a hole-by-hole recap of my latest round which details exactly this. I played the front nine in +3 but when I made the turn, things were just different. I ended up going +17 on the back nine. One of the more frustrating things for me is when I'm out to just play nine holes... as is the case in our Wednesday evening game. I seem to always play well (with a few exceptions) and it leaves me wanting more. Then I have days like yesterday and I just shake my head. In your entry, you
  24. Today was a nice day. One of the nicest days in the last few months in terms of both temperature and lack of precipitation. Because of that, I had to find a way to get out to the course. I had played in a tournament on Saturday and a few things 'clicked' with me, so I was excited to get back out and see if I could put it together on the course rather than imagining it while taking slow motion swings in my living room. Anyway... there was a ton of promise early on. Tee shots were solid... and my misses were just left of the fairway, which was a welcome change since I had been battling
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