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  1. You wouldn't happen to have a Lil' David Slingers 8 iron would you? I know.... but I had to ask...
  2. That sounds like a fun idea. Four guys each put together a $10 max set of used clubs from Play it Again, (I'm partial to Good Will or Salvation Army myself), and play a round. I like the way you think, Krazy. If I lived down your way I'd be in for sure!
  3. I knew when I pulled them from the barrel they were strange but never thought they would be considered by some as rare or collectible. Paid $1.00 each for the set (3 thru 10). Couldn't find the 8 iron (good luck in me coming across one of them anytime soon). I'll take them to the range once the rain stops here in Michigan and see how these 'unique' clubs perform. Something interesting I've come across in researching them, there appears to be several different labeling of the Slingers. I see some with the Slingers name, with a black painted back ground, stamped into the iron. Then there is
  4. Anyone remember an older iron set from the 70's called Lil' David Slingers? They are pretty unique design, in fact some quick research has them being at the top of the most ugliest, weirdest designed irons ever. Well, I picked up a set at my local GoodWill Store for next to nothing. Anyone ever have a set or know anything about them?
  5. Sounds like I don’t have anything to be concerned about. Thanks for the ideas.
  6. Having a problem with breaking or hitting the tee so far that I can't see it, no matter what club I use in the Tee Box. What might be causing this? Hitting decent beginner distance depending on what clubs being used but I'll be darned if I don't snap the tee at ground level (no divots) or send it flying out into the blue yonder. I don't sky the ball nor hit the turf causing a divot; never tee up more than half a ball above the club when seated on the ground. Any thoughts?
  7. rustbelt

    Hickory Golf

    Been doing some reading into the hickory golf scene, sounds like fun. Picked up this Otey Crisman 18HB Mallet putter, solid & straight with pretty good leather grip at a local second hand sports shop for $12 after their 20% golf equip discount for the season. Might just be the start of a 6 club hickory set. To ChetlovesMer, that picture of you and your Dad dressed up for the Hickory Tournament is priceless !!!!
  8. Check out The Society of Hickory Golfers, which centers around golf in the 1930's or so. Was looking on there today (after I picked up an old hickory shafted iron at Play It Again Sports for $1) and was some interesting information at least on their FB page. Hope this helps.
  9. rustbelt


  10. New member here, enjoying reading the thoughts. I can understand an average player receiving some benefit to being fitted for a driver but being fitted for a putter seems overkill to me. Can someone explain the need for a putter fitting?
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