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  1. I do this too, and I hit as many provisionals as I need to. Usually I only need one, but there’s a few instances I can think off where I’ve hit two or three provisionals. But that was a long time ago.
  2. Did you not show up to the tee, or was it just a mistake? If it was the latter, you didn’t deserve a DQ.
  3. I agree. Five and six hour rounds are painful, and I can say that from experience. I believe Adam Scott is right to request a slow play penalty, because he probably hates it as much as I do. At least put the slow groups on the clock.
  4. No wonder I’ve been seeing all those mid-50s scores...
  5. I have a teammate who I’m ultra competitive with, and we’re always playing against each other, whether in a friendly match or in a school match/tournament. We played two tournaments together this summer. In the first one at Forest Oaks, I came into the clubhouse with a solid 87, confident that it’d be enough to beat him with the conditions as tough as they were. It wasn’t. He came in the group right behind me with an 85. In the second tournament, I rallied from a poor start to finish with a 91. This time, he was a few groups behind me, and he ended up shooting 90.
  6. I shot 38 (+2) once last year, which was actually my first ever post on this forum. I was -1 through four holes, then I made bogey on the fifth, double on the short par-4 sixth, and parred in from there. I did not play the back that day, although I wish I could’ve.
  7. Just curious about what y’all do when in this situation. I’ll give an example on what I would do. Let’s say I’m 150 yards from the pin. For me, that’s right smack in the middle of my 8I distance (145 yards) and my 7I distance (155 yards). When I hit the longer club, I tend to catch it fat. Solid contact will only happen probably three times out of ten. When I swing harder, I’ll make solid contact probably nine times out of ten.
  8. I believe that the women play the tees that measure around 6500-6600 yards when par is 72. Obviously that number will go up or down a bit if par goes up or down. I just looked, and this week, it’s 6453 yards, par 71. That yardage is between the white (competition) and yellow (mens) tees on that particular course.
  9. Yep. That’s how I feel. I was told last summer that I could play in the club championship this year, so I’ve been looking forward to it for a long time. But last week, I found out that you’ve gotta be 18 to play. I’m 16 now. That means I have to wait two more summers to play. You can imagine I was pretty upset about that. I love playing in tournaments.
  10. My grandpa, brother and I played yesterday, and as usual, we predicted our final scores. Here’s what we came up with, with the tees we all played in parentheses: ME: 45-45—90 (Blue/White Combo) BRO: 55-50—105 (Red) PAPA: 54-51—105 (Red) I shot a 49-45 for 94. On the front nine, I couldn’t keep my tee shots in play and it cost me, but I made a double twice after a lost ball off the tee, so it could’ve been worse. But the back nine is where I found my game again. Only one lost ball on the back from a poor tee shot (the only really poor shot I hit on the back nine), with a par-bogey-par finish. The last hole was satisfying, because it’s a difficult, but not long, par-5. My putting has been up-and-down this week. I’ve left myself a bunch of 3-to-5-footers this week, and I made all but one or two on Monday. Tuesday, I couldn’t get any of them to drop. Yesterday, I made probably half of them. I’ve hit the ball well all week, but putting has been the main decider for scoring for me. My grandpa shot 54-51 for a 105, which matched his prediction exactly. My bro shot 58-58 for 116, eleven shots over his prediction of 55-50. He hit the ball decent, but alignment cost him at least three strokes a side. Whenever we guess our scores, we allow a five stroke margin (total score, not per side) for going over, leaving me barely inside the margin, four strokes over. Last time we played, I was the only one of the three of us to make a birdie. This time, I was the only one to NOT make one, although I had a few good looks. My bro made one on the short par-5 15th after hitting the green in two, and my grandpa hit it within a yard on the 16th, redeeming himself after a short birdie miss on the previous hole. I’ve also gotten word that despite COVID, we’re actually gonna have a golf season next spring! First practice is March 1, first match March 15, last match before regionals/states April 30. I’ve been waiting for a while to get that announcement. My brother needs some serious work if he’s gonna make the team. I want to get to the point where I’m breaking 45 consistently for nine holes by that point. We’ve got seven months.
  11. My bro and I played 9 this morning. My round was not great despite nine holes of no triples. Did have four doubles though, and only one par. 48. My bro didn’t play that well, but did have a par on the short sixth hole. There was only one huge difference between yesterday’s round and today’s. The putts I said were dropping yesterday, they weren’t today. I left myself half a dozen 3-, 4- and 5-footers, and while I made all but two yesterday, I went 0-for-6 today. So putting could’ve been better. I feel pretty good about my round tomorrow. We’re playing a somewhat new track, one that I’ve only played once. I’ve decided that my best bet is to stick with the blue/white combo tee (~6200 yards) versus the blues (~6500 yards). It’ll help that I’m riding tomorrow, because we’re teeing it up at 11:00 sharp, meaning we’ll be finishing between 2:30 and 3:00, right in the heat of the day. If I remember correctly, the course wasn’t even very walker-friendly.
  12. I got my game back today, although it didn’t start that way, +6 through four. Up and down from 150 yards on the fifth gave me a par. Three more pars and a double gave me 44 for the front. The heat started to get to me on the back, and by the time we got to the 16th tee, I was +16. Three bogeys would give me 91. But I managed to come back again, and I parred all three holes, where par isn’t easy on any of the three, to shoot another 44 for 88. The guy I played with gave me a close match on the back nine, and be shot 87 despite going out in 39. I made a ton of 4- and 5-footers, several for par. I can only recall two instances out of at least seven or eight where I missed. I hit eight fairways and seven greens. Overall, a solid round of golf. I’m playing nine tomorrow mid-morning, and another full 18 Wednesday. I feel confident that I can carry this play into those 27 holes.
  13. I believe I’m playing the right tees. I carry a driver around 215, so I’m closer to the purple level. I find that I enjoy the game most when I play between 6000 and 6100, but I’ll occasionally play tees measuring 6500-6600, just for a bit of an extra challenge. I usually play the whites at my home course, which are 6063 yards. I’m playing a course Wednesday where the blue tees are 6474, so I figured I’d try that just for the heck of it. The whites are 5875, and there’s a combo tee that’s just under 6200. Whenever I’m playing a course that’s new to me, unless it’s a tournament, I’ll play the whites, mainly because I don’t want to be viewed as one of those players who might hold people up. I voted 31-50% of people play tees too long for them. I’ve seen players on adjacent holes dribbling drives off the blue tees, twice recently.
  14. I just knew someone would mention this! The drive on 16 isn’t the only thing we’ll remember! 😂
  15. This is definitely one of the most exciting majors I’ve ever watched. Congratulations Collin Morikawa!!
  16. I love Morikawa too, and I certainly see some promise in him to go far in this game. Wasn’t he the one who slugged it out toe-to-toe with JT at the Memorial??
  17. Yessir. One of the best holes I’ve ever seen, coming when it did. His approach to 18 just won the tournament.
  18. I’ll explain the title. In the final round of a major, or any tournament for that matter, what do y’all think is the maximum number of strokes a player can trail by and still say they have a chance? My dad and I were discussing this earlier. I told him that I thought three strokes behind is the furthest you can be and still have a realistic chance. Four or five behind means you still have a chance, but you need to go low in the final round. Six is on the outside looking in, and more than that is, realistically, out of it, although I’ve heard final round comeback stories from as far back as ten strokes. So what do y’all think about this? I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts.
  19. My 5-year-old brother does that too. Often changes his par throughout the course of the hole.
  20. Not just you. Those two things drive me bonkers as well. What about iron covers?? I’m not a real big fan of those either. Those, I feel, are unnecessary.
  21. I love seeing big names teeing it up, especially in majors. I also love seeing them playing well, but I also like to see an underdog top the leaderboard every once in a while. While I get your point that the big-name pros may be on the highlight reel a little too much, well, they’re not called “big names” for nothing, are they?
  22. What is it with all these announcer’s curses?? First they say Gary Woodland’s the only player in the field to not make a bogey yet, only for him to make one on the next hole, then they say jokingly, “Let’s see if we can curse someone else.”, then Finau duffs a chip and makes bogey. Well, maybe not the second one as much as the first.
  23. For me, I’ll look at the green and pick out the place that will give me the easiest chip/pitch if I miss the green, which a lot of the time is based on pin position. I’ll give two examples from my home course: Hole No. 1: The only real danger for me here is a bunker short and a drop off right, so any miss other than that is acceptable. Missing right makes it virtually impossible to make par, especially with a right pin placement. I generally aim for the left-center of the green, so if it fades or I push it a bit I’m okay, and if it stays straight I’m still on the green. Left pin placements (which are uncommon on that hole) are the only ones where I’ll aim a bit right, but I take enough club to clear the bunker. Hole No. 7: This is a short par-3 that is heavily guarded. Two bunkers short and left, and drop-offs long and right. When the pin is up front, any miss is preferable to short. Again, virtually impossible to get up-and-down. It’s 145 yards from the white tees, and about 130 to clear the bunker. I’ll hit an 8I, which I know is enough to clear the bunker short, and if I pure it and it goes long, no big deal. Even if the pin is back, I can still get one close with a bump-and-run, which is a shot I’ve practiced a lot and is actually my go-to short game shot.
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