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My Senior Golf Season: What I Know



Hey guys! Finally found a good time to write my first blog post of the 2022 golf season! I don’t really have anything specific to write about, so for the opening post I’ll stick to the state of my game currently and what I know (not much) about the golf season itself.


My last two 18-hole rounds were about two weeks ago (the 12th and 13th) and I shot an 82 at Greensboro National and an 86 at Umstead, both rounds from the whites.

In Greensboro and on the front nine at Umstead, my ballstriking was the best it’s been in a long long time, but putting was very poor, to put it bluntly. Then my ballstriking went to crap on the back. Putting improved, but the damage was already done.

In terms of practice, I’ve unfortunately only been able to get to the course to practice once since those two rounds, but my brother and I made the most out of it with a productive practice session.

We went out to play a few holes, but leaned more towards practice. Given the fact that the green we normally practice on is a bit flat and not super representative of the greens on the course, we played the hole, hit an extra ball or two if we felt like we needed it, and then did some short game work around the green. 

The weather is actually looking halfway  decent for the first half of the upcoming week, so I’m looking to get out there at least once, ideally twice, and start fine-tuning my game.


As of right now, we only have three players on our team (me, my brother and the coach’s daughter), and we’re supposed to get a fourth soon, but we won’t have near as good a team as we’ve had the last three years.

What will most likely happen is that I will play #1, my brother will play #2 and the coach’s daughter will play #3. Hopefully we get a fourth so we can actually post a real score in matches (otherwise you take the triple bogey maximum for every hole for each player missing from the roster).

Unfortunately I haven’t gotten a whole lot of information about the match schedule itself, in terms of how many matches we’re playing and who is in our conference this year, but I did note a few dates:

Valentine’s Day (not exact): The first day of practice. Again, this date was purely mentioned, so it’s more of an approximation, but I will start counting down to that date as if that was the first day of practice.

April 21: The last match of the season before regionals and maybe a conference championship. The only reason I say maybe is that the coaches have had trouble finding a host course for the conference championship, so it’s not guaranteed that it will be held at all.

Another little bit of info I’ve heard is a few of the courses we will be playing: Umstead Pines (home matches), Hillandale, Croasdaile, Hope Valley and The Preserve at Jordan Lake. 

To be honest, that’s pretty much all I know about the season so far, so hopefully I’ll get more info before long so I know what to expect. As for the future of this blog, I will probably post two more times before the season officially starts, once per week. It will include everything I did for practice that week, and any new info I’ve found.

During the season, I’m thinking of probably doing one post for every match and one post per week highlighting what happened during the week (will probably overlap with my in-depth match posts, but will work that out as it gets closer to match day).

So there you have it. Hoping to get some more info soon!


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8 hours ago, Double Mocha Man said:

How many students at your high school?  You gotta be able to find a fourth.  At least you have a 1:3 coach-to-golfer ratio.

We’ve got about 1,200 students at our school, the overwhelming majority of which don’t know we have a golf team. I’ve got a couple of non-golfer friends who’ve said they wanted to try golf sometime, I’ll probably follow up with them.

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On 1/31/2022 at 9:45 PM, Double Mocha Man said:

When I played High School golf there were usually about 15 to 20 guys every Spring trying to qualify for the team.  My school wasn't too much bigger than yours.

We actually had about ten guys my freshman year. Only six made the starting lineup (this was pre-COVID of course), so four were cut. 

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Wow, 1200 students and only 3 players? One of my biggest regrets is not playing on my HS golf team. It was a spring sport, and so it didn't conflict with football or soccer seasons. I just didn't realize that I loved golf when I was 16.

At my HS anyone who wanted to join the golf team was welcome on the team, no tryouts or anything (it was a small catholic school, only about 250 students). If I knew then what I know now, I totally would have played on the golf team. I would have gotten to play golf almost everyday for free, plus get free coaching and equipment, maybe make some new friends.

Hope you guys find a fourth player.

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1 hour ago, Darkfrog said:

I would have gotten to play golf almost everyday for free, plus get free coaching and equipment, maybe make some new friends.

My favorite part of my high school golf team was the free Titleist ball I got before every match.  Then in college it got even better.  A free sleeve of Titleists!

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