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  1. My week of golf is effectively over, so I’ll share my shot. This time I’ve got it narrowed down to a single shot. This one was from my round Thursday. On the par-4 10th hole, I was laying two about 50 yards out, and there was a bunker between me and the pin, probably 20 feet between the pin and the trap. I chose a 54 degree wedge and landed it just over the lip of the bunker, and the ball settled about six feet out. That’s one of the best wedge shots I hit on the day.
  2. Today I played a somewhat unfamiliar track (only played it once before). Front nine was awesome: six pars, two bogeys and a double for a 40. The back nine started well with a five on the tough par-4 tenth and a par on the short, but treacherous (a bit like TPC Sawgrass, with an island green and only 120 from whites) par-3 eleventh. But disaster struck to the tune of a triple bogey 8 on the next hole, mainly due to a lost ball off the tee, and a 75-yard wedge shot in the bunker. But on the last six holes, I bounced back. Three pars, three bogeys, and nearly holing a bunker shot, resulting in one of my pars. A 43 on the back, and an 83 total. I’m very proud of that, especially with an eight! I’ve gone from consistent low 90s to consistent 80s in just over a month. Another thing I’m proud of! Another plus was the fact that the pro shop trusted me with a golf cart (I’m getting my license Monday), so I was able to escape most of the heat. As for my game, driving off the tee was a little shaky (only six fairways), but I canceled that out with solid irons (9/18 GIR, great for me, even better because the greens are smaller than those at my home course), a solid short game (6/14 scrambling, again, very solid for me), and a personal record of 28 putts, eight single putts and no three putts. All in all, a great day!
  3. Tier 1: -Get a good night’s sleep the night before a round, especially if you’re walking. You’ll feel a lot better throughout the day. Tier 2: -Know what to eat/drink on the golf course to keep your energy up. For example, I take water, green tea, and peanut butter crackers. Simple. Tier 3: -Know how to strategize your way around the course. Don’t hit shots that are out of your capability. -Develop a solid short game. I devote about 60% of my practice time to short game and putting, and I’ve reaped the rewards.
  4. Today I played at Hillandale Golf Course, which measures just over 6K from the whites (par 71). This round was an excellent round, and it’s one that I’ll remember for a while. It didn’t start out that way though. I parred the first hole, bogeyed the par-5 second, and tripled number three after missing the green from a chip and three-jacking from three feet. I then ripped through the last six holes on the front nine at just one over, leaving my front nine score at 40. The back nine is where it got interesting. Hole-by-hole through the fourteenth: No. 10: Bomb down the middle, PW to green, two-putt for par. No. 11: Iron to middle of fairway, hybrid just short, up-and-down for par. No. 12: 5W to right side of fairway, 9I to green, two-putt for par. No. 13: Driver to fairway, 7I short, up-and-down for par. No. 14: Sliced drive, 6I layup, 9I to green, two-putt for par. At this point, I was still +5 on the day, just one over on the last 11 holes. Then I pulled my tee shot on the par-3 fifteenth, tried a bump-and-run that came up short, then couldn’t make an up-and-down for bogey. Seven over. The 16th was better. After a tee shot that just missed the fairway, I took dead aim at the pin and hit it a tad long, still on the green. Two-putt for par. Now to the par-3 17th, where I pulled a 7I dead left (the third time in a row I’ve done it on that hole), and made double from there. I’ll spare the details of that hole. On to the 480-yard par-5 18th, which was playing slightly downwind. I needed a birdie to shoot 79, and I knew it. In a golf camp once where I played from the golds here (makes the par-5 hole 430 yards), I needed a four to shoot 39 on the side and did so, making an 8-footer. I felt confident that I could do it again today. I gave the drive all I had, and I was rewarded with a long and straight drive. When I reached my ball, I saw the 225-yard marker a few paces in front of me. The green was in play. I went for it and hit it a bit right, but still in the fairway. I knew then that a personal best was just a formality, because I would’ve needed to take eight shots to get down to not beat my record of 85. My pitch shot settled ten feet out, leaving me with a solid chance for the birdie I wanted. I took a bit longer than usual on this putt, and then sent it on it’s way. Perfect line...but it stopped a roll short of a birdie and 79. I tapped in for a par and 80. A new personal best by five shots! This was some of the most consistent ballstriking I’ve ever had. I’ve definitely putted better, but I’m satisfied with how I putted (with the exception of one hole). Chipping, for the most part, was also solid. No lost balls today, unlike yesterday. Another thing I’m proud of, maybe this more than anything. Starting on the 11th hole, thoughts started to materialize about the fact that I could break 80 today. Before those thoughts got through my head, I was able to push them out and concentrate on the shot I had to hit right then. It wasn’t easy, but I did it. But, if I hadn’t three-putted on the third hole, I would’ve shot 79 or even a 78. I’m still thrilled with an 80, especially after I shot a 91 yesterday.
  5. Yesterday’s round was no better than okay. 44 on the front with five pars, a bogey, two doubles and a triple, so not very consistent at all. Ballstriking was okay except for the hole where I had a triple. The hole I tripled was the par-3 seventh, a hole I normally play well. But I near shanked my tee shot, hit a terrible chip that ran off the back of the green, hit a bump-and-fun that came up short, then I three-putted from the fringe. The back nine was more consistent, and I shot 47. Only two pars on the back, on the par-5 tenth and the long and tough par-4 thirteenth. But the main difference in the front and back nine today is that all three of my OB tee shots came on the back nine. I made two doubles and a triple on those holes. Putting was okay (34), and the second of my two three-putts came on the fourth hole. I was leaving putts short all day, which was making me mad, since I don’t normally leave a lot of putts short. Most of my misses are long. Not a great round yesterday, but I’m playing again in a few hours, so I’ve got a chance to redeem myself today.
  6. Played nine holes after hitting a bucket today. I shot a 42, but it should’ve been better. After parring the tough first hole, a walking twosome invited me to join them. Driver in hand on the second hole, nerves buzzing, I pounded it 240 yards down the middle of the fairway. Hit it onto the green and three-putted from about 20 feet. The rest of the nine was fairly quiet, save for the ninth hole. After hitting a routine drive down the middle, I went boldly for the par-5 in two and pulled it left into the trees (possibly OB), but I got lucky and it kicked out. I had a hardpan lie for my third shot. Tried to bump-and-run it to the green from about 85 yards, and duffed it. Take number two on the bump-and-run came up a foot short. Rammed the putt by the hole, then missed that coming back and tapped in for a double. The twosome I was playing with continued to the back nine. I wish I could’ve played the back too, because they were fun to play with. I’m playing again tomorrow morning, maybe Tuesday, and then Thursday, so a good number of my posts in this topic to follow in the next few days.
  7. 89 yesterday (43-46). My dad joined me for the front, and we played each other just like we normally do. I opened up a 4-stroke lead through four, but he clawed back and cut it to two with three to play, I went double-bogey, and he went bogey-par. We halved the seventh with pars, then I made bogey to his double on the eighth, meaning I’d go to the ninth with a three-stroke lead. That proved to be more than enough. I made par, he made birdie. I realized walking to the tenth tee that I parred both par-3s and par-5s, so all seven of my strokes over par came on the par-4s (three bogeys, two doubles. I was pleased because the par-5 fourth, while a short hole at only 478 yards from the white tees, has become a nemesis hole of sorts. It’s the first two shots that get me. The tee shot needs to be left to give you a good angle (odds against me because of my fade), then the second shot needs to be long straight to avoid OB on the left, trees on the right and a bunker at the 100-yard marker. Anyway, on to the back nine. I started out the back with five consecutive bogeys, including the tough par-4 13th. I made back-to-back doubles on the 15th and 16th, both of them three-putts. Yuck. On the 17th tee, I realized I needed to go +1 on the last two holes to keep the score below 90. After a solid drive, I yanked my second into a bunker and was down in three from there for a bogey five. On to the par-3 18th, and I needed a par, no easy task on that hole. But my tee shot flew straight and true and settled on the green about 12ft past the hole, and I two-putted for a satisfying par. The heat got to me a little bit on the back nine, and I started feeling it on the 14th hole. I’m glad that I managed to hang on and shoot 89 in the heat. That’s now four out of my last five rounds in the 80s. I believe that I’ve advanced to the next level. I mentioned in my 2020 Goals that I wanted to break 85 once. Just once. I’ve matched that score twice now, and I’ve come within two strokes three times. It’s coming.
  8. I played a great front nine and a good back nine today. I made four bogeys and a birdie (a repeat of hole 6) for a 39. The back nine brought me back down to earth a bit, and I shot 46 for a total 85, matching my PR. I had nine putts on the first seven holes and was +1, but I was +12 on the last eleven and had 23 putts. All three of my three-jacks today were after poor lag putts, one after I left a 45-footer twelve feet short. Don’t know what happened there. But other than that, I’m thrilled.
  9. That’s just unfair. Just like @ChetlovesMer, I believe you should have a fighting chance to keep your ball on the green if you miss the putt. I read about something similar to this in John Feinstein’s book Open. For those of you who may not have read the book, there was one particular pin position in a local qualifier where it was virtually impossible to hit a close approach shot, and if you missed the putt, it would come right back to your feet. There was only one par there all day, and a lot of doubles and triples and worse. That one hole caused so much of a delay that they ran out of daylight. Point is, challenging pin positions are great, just as long as you don’t make it borderline unfair. That’s what your situation is. If you don’t have at least a chance to keep a putt on the green, it’s unfair.
  10. I’ve got a tie for best shot of the week. 1) This was from my tournament. I holed out a bump-and-run for eagle on the short par-5 13th. It was my first eagle too which was exciting! 2) This was from my round yesterday. On the par-5 ninth, I hit my drive into the fairway bunker at the corner of the dogleg. I managed to make solid contact with a 5W, and it landed on the green and stopped about twelve feet out. That shot resulted in a two-putt birdie.
  11. Back to my home course today, and today’s round was just as crazy, maybe even more so, than my tournament Thursday. Again I started poorly, +7 through four. I lost two balls in those four holes due to pulled shots. Just like Thursday, I managed to find my game starting on the fifth hole, and chipped to three feet but missed the par putt. Same deal on the sixth hole. I hit one of my best shots on the seventh, an 8I to about six feet. The birdie putt lipped out, and I tapped in for par. I tried to putt from the fringe on the next hole, but misjudged it and came up short and made bogey. On the par-5 ninth, I hit my drive into a fairway bunker, but my second shot from about 190 finished on the green, about fifteen feet out. Two-putt for birdie to finish the front with 45. On to the par-5 tenth, where I hit my drive left into some brush. I tried a punch shot for my second, but it came off awkwardly and caught a wicked bounce left. It aligned itself in such a way that a log was sitting right on top of it. I tried to move the log, but the ball moved, so I gave myself the penalty, therefore laying three. My fourth ended up just short, and I chipped up and two-putted for double. I got a huge bounce off the path with my drive on the next hole and ended up about 105 out, twenty yards past where my normal drive would end up. Hit my second just short, and I had about a 25-foot chip. The chip was mediocre at best, stopping eight feet short. I rolled in the par putt. I missed a two-footer for par on the twelfth after I missed the green and then hit a great chip to the aforementioned distance. Bogey. On the long par-4 13th, I hit driver right of the fairway and was blocked off. Two shots later, I was on the green, 40 feet out. I hit a poor first putt six feet short, then rolled in that putt for five. My drive hit the trees and came out on the 14th, and I had just under 200 into an elevated green. I hit a solid shot to about thirty feet, another poor first putt, another 6-footer for par. My 3W tee shot on the 15th was so pure it ran through the fairway, 240 yards out. I hit an 8I for the second shot to about 12ft, leaving me a ticklish downhill birdie putt. I misread the break but got the speed perfect, and I had to make another three-footer to get my par. On the long 16th, I hit a solid drive, then a wood that started drawing into some mulch. I managed to hit a punch shot just short, but couldn’t get up-and-down and settled for bogey. At this point, I was +14. I figured, given the way I was playing, that I would either go par-bogey, bogey-par, par-par, or bogey-bogey. I’d be content with any of those. I hit another solid drive on the par-4 17th hole and had about 100 in on a sidehill lie, but my second game up short. Unlike the 16th, I made the up-and-down for par. The cinematic par-3 18th yielded to me a green hit in regulation, albeit 45 feet out, slightly downhill. I didn’t see the downhill part, and ran my first putt six feet past the hole. Missed that six-footer too, and tapped in for bogey, a 42 on the back, 87 total. Funny thing is, I only hit one fairway on the back nine, five total. Today’s round was a grind, just like Thursday, and it felt great to grind out a solid score after a poor start. It occurred to me after the round that I could’ve easily broken 85. Bogey golf on the first four would’ve done that. I also could’ve shot 91 or 92 given how many ‘money’ putts I made. But I’m very satisfied with today’s round, and I feel that I’ll be shooting 82-85 consistently before long. Then it’ll be time to break 80. Our club had a similar tournament today, except ours alternated between blue, white and red, in that order, starting with blue on the first hole. It was a 4-man scramble, shotgun start.
  12. Made another birdie today, but it was a repeat of the ninth hole. At least I’ve been playing that hole well. I think that’s the fourth or fifth time I’ve birdied there.
  13. Geez. Even after a really good driver and a really good 3W, I’d still have probably a Bryson DeChambeau drive into the green. That’s one hole where I would NOT be too disappointed with a double bogey.
  14. I made my first ever eagle in a tournament today! Two solid shots on the par-5 left about fifty yards, and I hit a bump-and-run 8I onto the green, and it just happened to roll in the hole. Fun game!
  15. There’s a lot to say about today’s tournament, as it was a very wild ride. First, the course. It was called Wildwood Green GC, in Raleigh, NC. About a 45-minute drive from my house. It was just under 6500 yards from the blue tees where we played, par 70. On top of the length, it was very narrow off the tee. Run your drive over the cart path and there’s a good chance it’s OB. The greens were lightning-fast. Also a very hilly course. Not very walker-friendly. Now to the round. I was paired, by luck of the draw, with one of my teammates, making the round a bit more comfortable. I struggled out of the gate, going +9 through four holes. I realized standing on the 5th tee that if I kept that up, I wasn’t likely to break 100. I was happy to walk off the long par-4 fifth with a five, then I parred the tough par-3 sixth and made a great up-and-down for bogey on the long par-5 seventh. I was slowly making my score look better: +11 through seven. A good ways from solid, but I felt that I had my game back on track. I went double-bogey to close out the front side with a 49. Not bad after the first four disastrous holes. But the back nine is where my round started to get interesting. Hole ten was nothing special. Another long par-4, I chunked my 3W just past the ladies tees, hit a 6I layup through the trees, then pitched just short and got up-and-down for a bogey. Same sort of thing on the eleventh. The twelfth was a 181-yard par-3 with water short, left, and long. After several minutes of waiting, I nailed a 5H onto the front of the green and two-putted from about 50 feet for a par. I was thrilled to get off that hole with three. Hole thirteen was a very reachable par-5 at 478 yards. I killed a 3W down the middle and had only 230 left to the green, within range of another well-struck 3W. I tried for it and topped it, but it still left me with only 50 yards on a downhill lie. I decided to bump-and-run an 8I through the rough short of the green, which would take some of the heat off the speed of the greens. It came off the club exactly as I wanted it to, and rolled through the rough and up onto the green exactly as I wanted it to, at which point I knew it was gonna be good. Thing is, it was really good. It rolled toward the flag, and then I saw it disappear into the hole for an eagle! My first eagle ever! Fueled by adrenaline, I pounded my drive on the fourteenth down the middle, but chunked my approach slightly and came up just short. I hit a decent chip shot to about eight feet, left my first putt two feet short, then missed that one. Double bogey. The fifteenth hole produced probably the funniest moment of the day. I was laying two in a greenside bunker. After leaving my first attempt in the sand, I skulled my second attempt low and it smacked dead into the flag and stayed on the green, albeit about 20 feet out. I’m still laughing about that stroke of luck as I’m typing it. I managed to two putt from there, saving what could’ve been a very ugly hole. I also doubled the sixteenth after three-putting from six feet, but bounced back by getting up-and-down for par on 17. On the eighteenth, I was laying two in another bunker, this one so deep I couldn’t even see the top of the flag. I hit one of my best shots of the day to about ten feet and two-putted for a bogey, a back-nine 42, and a total of 91. I’m very pleased with that score, considering the length and how tight it was. My teammate shot 86. However, despite it being one of the toughest courses I’ve played, it’s also one of my favorites. There was so much variety in the holes, so every hole was an adventure. I’ll be back to that course sometime in the very near future, maybe as soon as Monday, with some teammates for another round.
  16. I haven’t really noticed any stores that are credit card only. However, there is a Chickfila near me that has two separate pay lanes: one for cash and one for credit cards.
  17. Crossed off another birdie on the first hole today! I hit a drive down the right side of the fairway, then came up just short with my 8I approach. I felt good about getting it up-and-down, and it just happened to go in with perfect speed. That makes 8/18 birdies. It was on the no. 4 rated hole on the course too, so it was nice to get a tougher hole out of the way. I really want to birdie the eighth hole. It’s a short par-4, but it’s the only hole I’ve not birdied on the front in the 2 1/2 years I’ve been a member at my home club, and I’ve played it probably a hundred times, so I’m bound to get one at some point. I’ve had several good looks on that hole, but nothing’s been dropping. I’ll get it soon.
  18. Today was a fun round. I figured out on the range yesterday why I’ve been struggling. My grip was just too tight, and I started hitting it better as soon as I lightened it. That’s all I needed. My dad came along for nine holes, and we had another guy join us, who I would play with for all 18. I started off strong, chipping in for birdie on the first hole, then two-putt pars on two and three. I had a four-stroke lead on my dad, but he cut that in half when he had a tap-in birdie on the par-5 fourth to my bogey, then we halved the fifth hole with doubles. I had a decent chance to save a bogey, but it took a turn at the last second and stayed out. On the sixth, I made another bogey, and my dad made another birdie to tie the match, this one after sinking a 15-footer. We halved seven and eight, both of us going par-bogey, leaving us tied with one to play. I was on in three, and he was laying the same just short. He hit a solid chip to about six feet, and I hit an okay putt, leaving me four feet for par. My dad made his putt look easy, knocking it dead center, meaning I had to make my knee-knocker to tie. He tried to get into my head, and I joked with him: “Shut up and lemme make my putt, goshdang it”, making us both laugh. I did just that and put my ball on top of his. We both shot 40 on the front nine, and my dad left, while me and the other guy, who shot 41, continued on with me. We decided to have a little competition of our own. Unlike the front, there wasn’t much happening until the eighteenth. At that point, I had made eight straight bogeys, playing him dead even for the back, keeping my slim one-stroke lead. I did extend my lead up to two strokes on the 15th, but gave it right back on the 16th. The eighteenth at my home club is an all carry 157-yard par-3 over water. We had to wait several minutes because the group in front of us was slow. That only increased the tension of the match. I hit a club more than normal (5I instead of a 6I) because I’d much rather be ten yards long than a yard short. Instead, I pushed it right, pin-high. My opponent had a bunker shot, so it would come down to whether either of us could get up-and-down. He hit a decent out to about twelve feet. I tried to play a bump-and-run, but landed it too high and it ran through the green, then I hit another chip six feet past the hole. His par putt was tracking dead at the hole, but it caught the lip and spun out, and he tapped in for bogey. My putt was to win the match, and it spun out too, so it tapped in for double. We both shot 86 on the day, myself 40-46, him 41-45. A lot of good things came from today: 1) Knocked off another birdie on the challenge! This birdie was on the first hole, which is one of the more difficult holes on the course. 2) I was scrambling for bogies a lot during this round. When I missed the green and I had a par putt, the par putts ranged from six feet to about 30 feet. So not the best short game today, but I was able to make bogey at the worst (apart from two doubles, both of which I two-putted to get). 3) This is the one I’m most excited about. No three-putts! A chip in, a one putt, the rest two putts. Just really good lag putting, and a few clutch putts. My tournament is on Thursday. I’ve been told that the course we’re playing is tight off the tee, so hitting fairways is gonna be key. My 5W is the straightest club in my bag, so I’ll probably be milking that club all day. But I feel really confident that I can post a solid score.
  19. Today’s round was mediocre at best. The course I played was called Mill Creek GC in Mebane, NC. It was 6325 yards from the blues where I played (the whites were 700 yards shorter, and there was no blue/white combo). My brother and grandpa played the yellow tees, which were very short at 4881. The course was a lot more punishing than my home course in three ways. First, the rough was thick. I probably couldn’t have hit more than a 6- or 7-iron out of it, so I laid up most of the time due to 180-yard-plus approaches and being under trees. The greens were also faster, running at about a 10 on the stimpmeter (my home course’s greens are about an 8). Lastly, you couldn’t hit it too far offline, or you’ll very likely be hitting another ball.With that being said, on to the round. I shot 49 on the front. My dad, grandpa and brother shot 50, 50 and 51 respectively, so a very close round. The fifteenth hole was eventful. It was a 392-yard par-4 from the blues where there was a bunker right in the middle of the fairway, probably 180 to carry. I did so easily, and had about 190 left. My dad topped his just in front of the yellow tees, and there was a weird ordeal where my dad, grandpa and brother debated for several minutes how far it was to the water hazard just past the 150-yard marker (we wouldn’t find that out until we actually got there). It was really about 160, and my grandpa and brother hit into the bunker I mentioned above. My dad hit his second into the water and eventually made six. I hit two into the water and made a stupid nine on the hole. My brother had to lay up from the bunker, leaving him right beside the 150-yard marker. He then hit a shot that went right at the pin, rolled right next to the hole, and rolled past. I swear I thought it was going in. He then rolled in the putt for one of the best and most ridiculous pars I’ve ever seen. Final standings: Dad: 50-48—98 (give or take one or two for him, because I’m not completely sure what he had on 18. I marked him down for a six, but it could’ve been higher or lower.) Me: 49-50—99 Bro: 51-49—100 (I was really nervous, hands shaking, adding up his score, because I had a feeling he’d beaten me and I had no idea how he was doing on the back. I don’t want him to beat me, and I know my teammates wouldn’t ever let me live it down if he did.) Papa: 50-54—104 Probably the tightest round we’ve had. I’ve got a tournament next Thursday. We’re playing from about 6500 yards, par 70. In gonna do some serious range work in the next few days.
  20. Not too much to say about today’s round. After two grinding practice sessions the last two days, I went out and shot 93 today (50-43). It could’ve been a lot better, for three reasons: 1) I missed two three-footers in a row on the first, giving me a double. 2) I made a ten on the fifth with two penalty strokes. 3) I had 39 putts, about three or four higher than my norm. Iron play, normally the strongest part of my game, ditched me today. I hit a few good ones (most of which were on the back nine), but mostly thins and duffs and other weird mishits. Everything else (except putting) was fine. I feel good about my upcoming round Saturday, where I’ll be playing a new course that I’ve wanted to play for a while.
  21. I played gosh awful today. Had my dad, brother and grandpa playing with me today, which lightened the mood despite my poor play. Last time the four of us played together was all the way back in December. My dad and I played each other straight up on the front, and he beat me by three, 48 to 51. My grandpa also shot 51. Don’t know what my bro shot, but he parred both par-3s. My grandpa and I were the only ones to continue at the turn, and we rode a cart together to beat the heat. I didn’t do much better on the back, shooting a 49 with a quad on the par-5 16th, a hole that I normally play well. I was 150 out laying two, but I pushed a 7I over the road (which shouldn’t even be in play). I pushed my second ball as well, but that one didn’t get to the road. Took me four to get down from there. The final damage is an even 100. Ballstriking really hurt. Chipping and putting were as good as normal, and if I didn’t have that to back me up, I probably would’ve shot 110 or even higher. Only one par all day, but the irony of it is that it was on the toughest hole on the course. I’m going to the range tomorrow afternoon to get back into a groove.
  22. What are some stories from when you were playing cornhole? A great win, a funny moment, or anything else. My story is hilarious. We had some company over tonight, and my dad and I were playing my godsister and her boyfriend. Late in the game, my dad and I were trailing, 16-15. My dad and godsister were up to throw. My dad put his first throw on the board, and my godsister made hers. Both were on the board on their second throws, but my godsister’s throw was hanging on the edge of the hole. Here’s where it gets funny. My dad put his third and final throw on the board as well, and my godsister made her last throw, and her second bag fell in as well. She started celebrating, thinking they won. But they didn’t. They got six points, which put them at 22. They busted. I broke the news to her, cracking up. Let’s just say she wasn’t happy. It was tied 15-15. Hardest I’ve laughed in a while! My dad and I won the game just a few minutes later, wrapping up my 2-1 record for the night.
  23. Well, since my tournament was today, I guess my golf week ends today. My best shot this week was my second shot on the short 322-yard (white tees) par-4 16th at Forest Oaks CC. After a solid drive to the right side of the fairway, I had just under 100 yards to the pin. The minute my shot left the club, I knew it was gonna be good. It made a beeline for the pin and never left it, pitching just short and stopping about eight inches out. Confidently tapped in for the birdie.
  24. I’ve broken 90 twice in the past week with scores of 85 on Saturday and an 87 today in my tournament!
  25. In my tournament today at Forest Oaks CC, which once hosted the Greater Greensboro Open, I played mediocre golf on the front and shot 47. But then I rattled off four pars in a row to start the back, followed by a triple and a double. +16 thru 15. On the short par-4 16th, I hit a good drive, leaving me with just under 100 yards to the green. My wedge approach never left the stick, and settled less than a foot away. Tap-in for birdie. On the next hole, I hit a decent approach, 25 feet out. Rolled that one in for another birdie, the only time in my life that I’ve gone back-to-back. I made bogey on the last, giving me a 40 on the back that could’ve easily been 38 given the way I was hitting the ball, but I was thrilled with a 40 and my 87 total. I really didn’t expect much coming into today, because the course was playing longer than the listed 6373 from the whites due to rain this morning and constant rain throughout the round, so the 87 was definitely a confidence-builder. I guess I can technically say I’ve played a PGA Tour course now 😃.
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