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  1. Nicole Castrale. Did any of you watched the coverage yesterday? Wie hit it into a hazard (uhh danger) - so she goes in there then the camera follows - she hits the shot, and the camera immediateley turns away - just in case, you never know what rule screw up might follow with Wie
  2. From what i understood is that Jamie´s strength comes from growing up shooting icehockey in the winter and golf in the summer - so he trained both sides very well - and thats why he is capable of doing what he is actually doing today with his wrists. But genetics might play a role - otherwise half of Canada probably could bomb it 350 on a regular basis. I´m doing drills into an impact bag and the first step is to get your forearm / wrist strength up. I told my buddies about it, and they said, why would you do that - you hit 1000 balls a week, why would you need strength in this area. When i started this drill i barley could to 20 reps, and i did it inefficiently due to lack of strength in the proper areas and my forearms and wrists burned as hell when doing it. It was quite eye opening. I never really felt these muscles activated during the swing, since they simply werent developed enough - so my swing obv. wasnt very good. Yeah - maybe, but just look at Ben Hogan or Moe Norman, these guys looked like freakin Popeye - and if anybody seriously wants to tell me, that wrist/forearm strength is not important for golf unless you need to hit it out of the rough, he has a long way to go.
  3. But logically - if i bent them flat 6° i should be able to get them back to original, correct? So when OP´s irons got so flat by playing he shouldnt have a problem getting them back to factory standard or whatever he had them before - otherwise, every forged club once its off by a fair degree can´t be "repaired" and has to be disposed.
  4. I understand it for any kind of club with a lot of room where sound can develop and resonate - i owned the original Nike squre driver which popped your ear drums when you hit it inside a room - but irons? Didnt Mizuno do soundtesting on their irons 3 years ago? I dont think they sound tuned them or? I just bought a set of old MP-33s - there is definatley no sound tuning going on there and why should it, once you hit the sweetspot all is fine, why mask it up when you dont hit it.
  5. We are talking about your Titleist 695mb, correct? I had 2 sets bent in the last months - both forged irons (Mizuno 67 and old Wilson Pro Staff blades) - i had them bent 6° flat - not one iron broke - bending forged clubs is really no problem. Only when the guy who does it craps his pants. I expierenced the same concerns, but i told him when he would break one its on me (but i watched him). So go back to him and tell him to do it right until they fit your swing! Cast - 2 degrees according to the manufactures - forged - i read people bending their lie´s 10° without breaking it (at least with older forged clubs).
  6. Thats the first time i read about golf irons and sound tuning - i think they are slowly losing it! Whats next, you duff it somewhere 80y with a 5i and they make it sound like Garcia hitting it 250 out there????? BTW 5i - 24 ° loft and when you look up the womens specs - its the same...........
  7. You are not actually talking about Ping Eye 2 persimmon fairway woods, are you? Dont get me wrong - i play Persimmon woods from time to time, but i doubt they invented draw & fade bias back then as a way to improve players games. And even if, these suckers are so unforgiving they make every mishit curve without hesitation - much more than any other modern club ever would.
  8. My buddy got such a thing because he sliced everything back then - a year later he hooks the crap out of it... I have yet to meet somebody who tells me that a draw-driver actually helped him with his slice.
  9. I skulled on today while chipping in the garden - and it hit my dog in the nuts........... Poor thing, i never heard him squeek that way...
  10. Have a look at Sergio Garcia and the kind of lag he builds up - that is some stored up power that you can dump into the ball. You need huge strength in your wrists/forearms to deliver this kind of lag into the ball. And there is no way you could do that if you dont posses the strength. So yes - forearm/wrist strength is important you just have to learn how you incorporate it into the golf swing - or you can settle for less, thats another option.
  11. I know - thats why i called it incidents instead of cheating, since its just a rule violation.
  12. There are so many incidents with her - e.g this one: look closley at 0:15 - her domment " I guess I knew the rule wrong , from what I always knew... if you swing through it, everything would be OK." Then the one at the KIA classic, she forgot to sign her Scorecard and got DQed in 2008, she got DQed in her Pro Debut in 2005 for an improper drop - somebody might add more to this list... One more - when she was close to shooting 88 and withdrew due to "injury" just to be spotted 2days later practicing. Not only this, but during the round she seemed to have taken advice from her father - which is a rule violation...
  13. Sorry i cant read the GD article - are you ironic or are they indeed bad putters?
  14. LOL - think of Tiger filming Phil (and the other way round) and then adding comments to his shot - that would be hilarious.
  15. I think thats a bit above GC´s budget. They snap up what they can for cheap and leave the rest for NBC and CBS: http://www.sportsbusinessdaily.com/article/99671
  16. Just read this - awesome. Hope the cameraman packed up some hiking gear to be prepared for the spots he will have to go when following these two hacks :)
  17. They should play in bikini - but of course only for a scientific purpose , so that we can study which muscles move the golf swing......... This of course would only apply for women whos muscles are actually visible and not hidden away under 15 layers of (you know what).
  18. Ever since he started playing on the European Tour he has been very steady, despite having to deal with family issues and one injury that took him out for a while. Congrats to his wins. I would love to see Kaymer go up against Kuchar in the Ryder Cup - two of the hottest (steadiest) guys around at the moment.
  19. Anna Rawson made ONE Top10 in around 40 starts on the LPGA - i quickly would forget about her and how she swings. She has a lot in her mind, and golf doesnt seem to take a priorty there.... She is another great example why you cant judge somebodys success (or the lack of it in her case) by the swing pattern she uses - simply put because she uses golf as a platform to promote herself instead of taking the game serious.
  20. Well - very constructive comment to a serious topic - but i guess in the land off cliffnotes reading & understanding anything beyond 2 paragrahps is just overwhelming the brain......
  21. How can you not be long when you are as tall as her compared to all the other women out there. @LongballGer - i really agree with you there, but it shows you just how little there is to root for on the LPGA.
  22. Damn, i think they removed the makeup tips from the entertainment section - so much has changed since they booted Bivens :). But yeah - even in 2000 the LPGA site would have been regarded as outdated. When you open up the leaderboard they have this notice: "If you are experiencing problems with the leaderboard, there is an alternate version with lesser functionality." Are you sure it´s even possible to have lesser functionality than you already have.....
  23. Sorry no, but as far as i recall he said it in an interview. But its only logical - what did you thought Tiger was thinking when Y.E. Yang pulled out a rescue to fire it over the tree at the pin at the 09 PGA ("Oh crap, i´m toast"). Sure Tiger could have done it with a long iron too (maybe), but if the other guys on tour could do it that easily they would just stick with their long irons - instead they are taking advantage of more forgiving clubs (rescues, game improvement irons, fairway woods that you can hit so high and far it makes you dizzy) to mask up their swing shortcomings vs. solid strikers and thereby leveling the playing field when it comes to ballstriking.
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