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  1. Is he an endurance athlete? Athlete Heart Rate: What’s Safe and What’s Too High? The average resting heart rate is usually between 60 and 80 beats per minute, but some athletes have resting heart rates considerably lower... Here is a list of podcasts on HRV. Podcast | Wild Health Podcast A Deep Dive Into HRV: The Myths & Truths of Heart Rate Variability Testing - Ben Greenfield Fitness - Diet, Fat Loss and Performance Advice Click here for the full writte
  2. The most likely scenario for me, Basically, I am waiting on herd immunity at this point. If I can claim that I am essential worker since I work for a power utility company...
  3. I can't stand the Witcher because of the control set up. I found it to be way too cumbersome. I never got into dark souls because of the controls as well. I don't like the laggy combat style. You press a button and the character winds up for his attack. Not a big fan.
  4. I think I get a big boost from my sleep efficiency. I've been using an Oura Ring for a few years now and my sleep efficiency averages above 90%. When I sleep, I am dead to the world.
  5. My recovery is pretty decent. 4 out of the last 5 days I had recovery around 80%.
  6. I really enjoyed Octopath Traveler as just a pure RPG. Breath of the Wild is a work of art, but it lacks the deep dungeon delving that I enjoyed a lot with the previous Zelda games. I thought Mario Odyssey was fun, but I enjoy 2D Mario than 3D Mario.
  7. 2021 Golf Goals Get into better golf shape (exercise). Enter more tournaments. Continue to work on swing path so that it doesn't get extremely inside out. Practice short game more often so it stays sharp.
  8. I switched wrists I wore it on. It was bothering me a bit. Hope that doesn't mess with the numbers. I don't think it would.
  9. I had a similar story of someone hitting into me. I wanted to play nine holes, so I asked if I could go off the back. The starter said sure, but make sure hole #9 was clear so as not to cut in front of anyone. So, I get to #10. I look over, and this single golfer is walking off #8 onto #9's tee box. So I go ahead and hit. As I am walking down #10, he asks me if he could join me for the back nine. I decline politely. I play the next 8 holes with out him waiting a shot on me. He was usually teeing off as I was leaving the green. I get to #18 fairway and a ball comes flying over my head. I look b
  10. That is an internet and social media problem. Our sense making organizations are failing us (News, Politicians, in some cases Medical Professionals). Couple that with a lot of misinformation on the internet, people are forming opinions from incorrect data and facts. That is why we are reacting how we are. Before, you would see your neighbor get sick and you believe it. Now, you see your neighbor get sick and you deny it. That is all thanks to our failing institutions and the internet.
  11. How many places have that? I heard businesses had to retrofit their systems to install filters an UV lights to help with not having virus circulated air go through their systems. A lot of places just re-circulate the same air. Everything else is not equal. 100'x100' room is not the same as being outside. That is just absurd.
  12. I think of it as two containers. Imagine dropping a blown out match into a small jar with a stopper. Then imagine dropping a small match onto a plate inside a home. The amount of smoke inside the bottle will greatly take over the volume of the bottle compared to that of a house. Luckily the earth has a huge atmosphere compared to a home.
  13. There is always a bit of breeze. Also air is not being reused and circulated inside a small area. Outside is generally safer. Though that is negated with so many people right next to each other.
  14. I need a few more days to get an accurate measurement.
  15. Well, I am glad I can confirm my sleep efficiency is good. I scored a 91% with my Oura Ring and a 95% with the Whoop. Both show over 1-1.5 hours of deep sleep over a total of 7 hours of sleep.
  16. I didn't get the bicep strap. The strap for the wrist is very comfortable. If I don't pay attention to it, for the most part I don't even notice I am wearing it. Way better than my Fitbit I use to have.
  17. Charles is 6'6". We don't know how side by side they are and also if Barkley is standing on ground slightly higher. It looks like the top of Phil's head reaches around ear level of barkley. He could be 6'3" with shoes on.
  18. It probably has to do with testing how much passes through the mask. Then you know what viral load you need to get infected. That probably has a probability curve. So you can then look at that probability curve and find a percent chance of catching the virus.
  19. Most of the time I pulling my lob wedge, but it isn't 90% of the time. Shorter shots, downhill shots, green running away from me... I will go with the lob wedge. Longer shots, uphill lies, green not running away from me... I will go with a 56 or 52 degree wedge. General considerations. Sometimes I got with lob wedge all the time, and other times its' like 50/50.
  20. Hmm.. I didn't know freedom of movement was a thing. Freedom of movement under United States law - Wikipedia Yea, I have no issue with states baring travel from certain states. If Hawaii wants to shut down their airports and deny access, go ahead.
  21. I just emailed them seeing if they can change my choice. 😊
  22. No, I just did the deal you offered. The $30 off for 6 months.
  23. I joined, should be getting the whoop sometime this week or early next week.
  24. Same, I bought two pairs of the eco knit.
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