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  1. On the course, I LOVE to have a dip. I never have one anywhere else. My poison would be grizz green pouches or copenhagen long cut
  2. Personally, I would get rid of the hybrid, add a 3w and a 60* For the shots in between the 4i and the 5w you can choke down an inch on the 5w and it will fill that gap.
  3. I'll be going into my 4th season this summer... In my first season I was shooting 120+ consistently. I struggled with tops, skulls, thins, fats, you name it. No consistency whatsoever. My second season I decided to scrap together what money I had and buy myself some clubs. I didn't bother getting them lengthened because I didn't have the money. I was shooting 100-120 normally with the occasional low 90s round. One shot I chunked so bad I got so sick of it and I snapped my 5 iron in 2. This forced me to get my clubs lengthened and fit for me. Last year was my full year wher
  4. I've had a few eagle putts, but always inches off. Not part of the club, yet. One day...
  5. I went to the range on Saturday with a lefty friend of mine. I had never tried hitting lefty before... I was nervous. It went straight as an arrow, but the loft was all wrong and the distance was about 75% of what it should be.
  6. http://www.weather.com/weather/tenday/48180-4117 48180 is the area code. Today was the first time I got to go out, and it was an early season par 3 scramble. The only day this week it's going to rain was today. And it poured ALL day. Played through it and we shot +17 with a partner who hasn't played in 3 years. I'm not complaining, but it's frustrating because I wanted to try and get a judge of how this season would go. Regardless, I was throwing darts the first few holes... then when I started to get wet the club started slipping and my bandaid on my thumb (blister
  7. Was playing with a buddy who was going out for the first time in 3 years today. It was a par 3 best ball scramble converted from a regular course. He took a whiff it barely grazed the top of the ball, didn't move and he asked if we count that. I let him know that it counts and his next shot won't count but to go for practice anyway.
  8. It's tylenol. Unless you have liver failure it's not going to effect your game much more than remember what you are for dinner last night.
  9. I used golflogix the past two seasons. I had a Samsung Inspire previously and the app would crash every once and a while and my phone battery was terrible - nothing to do with the app, but it wasn't the best phone. It crashed sporatically when I wasn't using the app. Now I have an iPhone 5 and hopefully the better battery will make it much more usable.
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