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  1. I use an OGIO Kingpin Cart bag. If you plan on walking, use a stand bag or buy a push/pull cart to use with a cart bag.
  2. Bridgestone e6 and RX's are my top choices. Also play Titleist NXT's from time to time.
  3. Exactly!! Spit in emergency situations and the same for pissing since that is more acceptable!! L.O.L!!!!
  4. People who say they don't spit on a Golf Course are full of it! They probably think they're poop doesn't stink also!!
  5. You have nothing to lose. One of my buddies shoots in the 70's all the time and was playing in a group with a college coach in it. He asked him to try out for the college team because he shot lower than most the team. My friend was in his early 40's at the time.
  6. Greg Norman makes a stay dry spandex style shirt. I have one I bought off eBay. Really comfortable and fairly cheap.
  7. I think Rush is really improving! What's up with the excessive chest thumping though?
  8. Sweet! I have some of the orange e6's. I think different colored golf balls are a nice break from the norm !!
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