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  1. Why exactly did they dump McCord? He didn't retire right? I didn't mind him... I miss Feherty though.
  2. We’ve done that in NY... the south right now is a MESS, they’re the biggest culprits of not wearing masks. Anyway, back to topic, we get that passing by someone on a golf course doesn’t infect someone, even if that person coughed or something at that exact moment. But as positive tests keep popping up, it just looks bad. Certainly shouldn’t give other sports reason to think it wont turn into anything but a disaster. The scariest thing is these players testing positive in the middle of tournaments not Tuesday before the tournament when they initially get tested, they’ve already been around a lot of people if they test positive on Friday or Sat or Sun
  3. What a complete mess this situation is. Player is Denny McCarthy, he WD and Bud Cauley who played with him first round WD. The third member played alone today. 12 or so people he was near have been tested again, which is stupid, if he infected anyone yesterday they aren’t going to test positive the next day
  4. As of right now, with the spikes some states are seeing, not every sick person has a bed available if needed. I know I saw Dallas the other day reporting their ICU beds are completely full. Other cities are spiking bad because nobody cares anymore. Americans got bored of it
  5. the test they take again in a few days will be more telling. Testing positive requires enough virus to actually get on the swab. I don't disagree with most of what you said... but I'm standing by what I said in my original comment, this virus (as a whole) is a mess... and I don't see how contact, team sports can return safely, considering cases are popping up all over those sports, and it only took one week for the PGA tour to get a positive case. It's not about age or survival percentage for an athlete, it's about curbing the spread. Newer studies coming out are also saying up to 60% of asymptomatic cases on x-rays show lung damage... that's not good.
  6. Was only a matter of time. This is a mess. There is no way sports can safely return right now. The NHL *still* thinks they're gonna finish their season and now players are testing positive left and right. Sure, the PGA Tour may be "safest" as it's much easier to social distance... but, still a mess.
  7. I don't think there really is a possibility of this either... I believe it's vaccine or nothing. This type of virus there is no "treatment". Just managing the symptoms and let your body try to fight it. I think we're incredibly fortunate as it is that *most* people should make it through this ok. Personally, doesn't make me any less terrified of getting it, even as someone who is young (mid 30's) and otherwise healthy.
  8. He was my favorite player back then. Don't remind me. Still, he has some excuse, injuries derailed him. Jordan isn't injured.
  9. Jordans cool streak though it working on it's 3rd straight year lol.
  10. not everyone who does has the option either. I on the other hand, have the pleasure of dealing with people every single day at work.. lots and lots of people. still surprised they pulled the plug on it so soon. Would have thought Augusta would at least wait it out another week or two
  11. Yea well unless my company decides to tell me that they're offering unlimited paid time off until this passes for me to stay home that's not an option for me or 99% of the working population.
  12. So you're saying the regular flu is significantly less of an issue? Over 40,000 people in the US die from it each year...
  13. Not a fan of Lowry. Anyone but him. Westy, Holmes, Koepka even and I’m not a huge fan of him either
  14. He hasn’t fallen THAT bad
  15. Is there a bigger scratch your head story in golf than Duval?
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