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Driver: Squaring the club face

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I'm having trouble squaring the club face at impact. I've had several lessons this year making sure my swing path, grib, etc. are good. My instructor says turning my hands over is the easy part. But for whatever reason, I can't do it with the driver. I either over compensate and duck hook the ball or leave it slightly open, pushing it with a slight slice(95% of the time).

I'm not having trouble hitting any other clubs straight.

Would you guys recommend a draw biased driver? Any other way to get a consistent approached? I'm really frustrated with my driver because I can't get off the tee successfully.

Thanks for any help.

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with a massive swing change i developed a push/slice due to a few things...
i got a tip from my pro on how to correct it and its worked like a charm when i remember it...
i basically mimick my body position at impact...
when you address the ball... your whole body is facing the ball...
but during the swing at the moment of impact... you fire your hips and your body rotates towards the target so your body position isnt the same as it is at address...
i do a few slow motion swings stopping at where the club should be at just before impact so i can "feel" where i should be when i hit the ball... if i see the face opening up... i know its gonna be a slice/push... so i adjust whatever i need to adjust to get it square...
i dont know if that made any sense but it works for me

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The most consistent way to get the clubface square is to get your body to turn in the correct sequence. Your hips need to lead your shoulders a bit to get your body into position to make a good turn. Basically meaning a better weight shift. Here is an easy thing to try that will help your body to do the right thing without thinking a whole lot. Keep your head behind the ball as long as you can into the swing and it will help you get into better impact position. It is one of the best quick fixes I've found to get the clubface time to square up better. You might find yourself drawing the ball a bit.

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A few years ago I was having a similar problem (along with a few others) and took some lessons. The one thing the instructor told me about my fundamentals was that I was gripping the club too tight. When doing this, it makes it much harder for the right hand to turn over and square the clubface. As soon as I learned to grip a little lighter my hard fade turned into a slight draw since I was able to get the club though at impact. I think with the driver most people try and swing harder than normal so it is just natural for some of us to grip that club harder for more support.

Another option would be your stance. If your stance is too open then it will make it harder to square the face and the ball will end up going to the right. A friend of mine has this problem. He won't be mindful of his alignment and will start the day pushing balls right. By the third or fourth hole I will stand behind him to check and sure enough his stance is too open.

I would not recommend a draw biased driver. That is only a band-aid to a problem that exists. Sure it might straighten you drives for now, but the whatever issue you have will still be there.

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