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Which would you buy if you were me Callaway Diablo Edge or FT I-Brid Irons

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I have done some research on both these sets and for the most part they have been very positive but I have seen alot more total reviews on the edge and I believe that is because they are more affordable but I have found both sets for about the same price. That being said I typically shoot in the mid to hi 90's play about once or twice a month. The set I have now are original Big Bertha knock offs that are 14 years old. I'm also looking into new wedges (leaning towards Cleveland CG16's), Fairway woods (TaylorMade R11 or R9), and a putter (Odyssey White Ice 2 ball) so any suggestions in that realm would be appreciated as well. Thanks in advance.

"May the Course be with You"


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i have the diablo edge irons and love them. being a mid to low 90's golfer myself it is nice to have a club that can give you decent shots on slight mishits. the feel is good and the ball flight is awsome. all that being said take your time and go hit all kinds of sets. find the ones that feel comfortable to you and get fitted! good luck and good shooting.


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I did a search on the FT i-brids on this site to see what other people thought of them and stumbled upon this thread. Have you made your decision and bought your clubs yet? I played the FT i-brids twice and shot two of my best rounds ever at two different courses. Translation? These clubs are WAY easier to hit and MUCH longer than my Mizuno MP 33 Blades. I shoot in the 80s and these FT i-brids made me feel (and look) like a Pro. Just remember to take very little divot and concentrate on hitting the ball square (practice this at the driving range to get your feel for distances) and the club does the rest. I don't own these clubs so I have to give them back but I give the FT i-brids my HIGHEST possible rating. Here is a link to shop for them used;


Just in case you haven't bought your clubs yet.


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