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Small Bag + Cart

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I will be using my convertible alot this summer to go to my golf rounds. It is a mid 2000 BMW, so has a smallish trunk.

The few times I used it last year I was able to fit my Callaway full cart bag and CaddyTek 13 cart, but it wasn't ideal. I would like a smaller cart + bag setup.

Any suggestions?


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get a stand bag (ping hoofer), you just have to pull out your long woods out of the bag to fit in your trunk. i have the same problem too.


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    • How do you 'train' yourself to swing less than 100%?
      By DrvFrShow · Posted
      I just do what my coach tells me. I have a certain tempo with a relatively quick takeaway because I tend to get the club into the proper A3 position more easily with it, then if I get after the ball I tend to make better contact and get my weight transferring forward. I'm not good enough yet to dial it back. Getting after it is still not hitting 100%. It's more like 90%. Swinging out of your socks is 100%. On the course I might really get after it with my driver on the tee after a poor putting job on the previous hole. My first swings at the range are usually about 60% with a PW.  I have to be careful that I'm accelerating through and not decelerating.
    • Am I heading in the right direction finding my own swing?
      By JonMA1 · Posted
      I agree. That's why I stated that "obviously, there are a lot more things to consider going from a chip to a full swing". My first lesson from a PGA pro included a bunch of time learning his grip, keeping my spine straight and restricting the hips on the backswing. Nothing about weight forward and getting my hands aligned to or in front of the club head at impact. That's what I was referring to with my last paragraph and the point of my post. While nothing is as good as getting proper instruction such as the type you and Erik offer, there are some things worse than trying to learn the swing on your own. To the OP, one of the swings I use with a "decent" amount of success is used with a gap wedge through 9i. The setup is very similar to what I use on a pitch or a chip where my hands are in front of the ball at setup, most of the weight is on my front foot with little or no weight shift throughout the swing. The distance is controlled by my turn and how far I grip down on the club. With this swing, my distances aren't much less than that of a full swing, but with a lot more control. I use it exclusively for shots less than 125 yards where I want a high ball flight. It's not that different than the setup I use for a punch shot with a longer iron when I need to keep the flight very low. I'm not suggesting anyone else should try this. Just thought it would be worth mentioning as it was derived from my short game setup.
    • Gambling on the golf course is it a necessity?
      By Natural Patrick · Posted
      I love to play for money when I golf, however most of the people I play with do not. I have never spent a dime in a casino. I get a rush from playing for $5 a hole. Especially when I'm playing with people that are better than me.
    • The Dan Plan - 10,000 Hours to Become a Pro Golfer (Dan McLaughlin)
      By DrvFrShow · Posted
      So is Dan going to talk about that you shouldn't take up putting for 7 months?
    • One Ball condition- Presidents Cup
      By Martyn W · Posted
      Throw in a few CoC....
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