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Anyone from the Northwest Arkansas area?

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Suprise from the boss. I was promoted yesterday and am relocating to the Bentonville/Fayetteville area of Arkansas. Looking for input on some golf courses in the area.

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    • Clinton vows to stop saying 'illegal immigrants'
      Everyone of these threads seems to head down bad directions. Please keep it civil.
    • Darrell Klassen
      You misspelled psychological.  
    • Take it or leave it? Theoretical Hole in One query
      I voted Leave It. No hesitation. I was lucky this year to have my first hole in one, and it came immediately after an emergency call from my step-daughter, during which I excused myself for a couple holes to deal with her situation. I caught up with my group and struck a 6-iron well, but none of us saw it land or roll due to the lighting. It was a downhill par 3 with some wind in our face, so we had no idea if I was short, long, whatever. After a search in the front bunker and long in the rough, I was audacious enough to check the hole, and there it was. I almost felt guilty, because the morning had started so poorly that I had written off the day. I wasn't even really focusing when I hit the tee shot, and I had decided to leave after the next couple holes (would be near the clubhouse), because I was shaken up by the call I had just had from my step-daughter for 20 minutes or so.  I had just caught back up with my group who had just teed off, so I just nonchalantly let it fly to restart my round. I enjoyed the rest of the day (finished the round) and played mediocre golf after that, but I will say that the best way to get a hole in one would include: be playing in a round where you're in good shape mentally (I was not) and be playing somewhat decent that day (I was not) see your ball go in (I did not) don't have it happen on a mishit (but I had been playing so poorly that a GOOD shot was the mishit ) So I managed #3 above. At the time I was thrilled, but I must admit that I feel like it doesn't really count and isn't a big deal, in retrospect. It was luck and didn't even represent that I was playing well at the time. But I'll take this one. Next time, I want all 3 things above to be true. If none of them are true, I'll definitely leave it.  
    • Winning a major vs winning a gold medal
      Absolutely no. Not in golf. Even though you have much more chances to win a major (as in 4 times a year vs once in 4 years), the field in a major is stronger and winning it holds more value in my book .In a lot of other sports with a big olympic history the Olympics are the biggest achievments and prizes and most important in a athlete's career. Golf doesn't have that history. Spieth already won majors, so I can imagine that at this moment he wants to win the Olympics at all. Personally I might even prefer to win a WGC or The Players before the Olympics.
    • Darrell Klassen
      ok, this is my view on darrell so obviously you should all listen. i was once an inner Circle Member just for a month. what he teaches is absolute truth to a "degree". what i mean by that is , he is probably the greatest teacher for all those golfers that have his same flexibility. ok, you can look at his physique and ask yourself- what flexibility. he has the "born" flexibility' to turn his shoulders freely. i am only guessing at percentages, but i would say that  most golfers here are actually  blessed with natural flexibility, but sadly  just lacking a bit of flexibility between the ears. that said, i hope a lot of you will revert to his teaching method . you must remember that i am only here to see the game progress, regardless of my own obvious, physical  shortcomings.      
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