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Top 10 Golfers of 2004

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I may post this to the blog, or I may not... About.com: Top 10 Golfers of 2004 (and my thoughts):
  1. Vijay Singh - I think he'll have a good 2005, but not nearly as good as 2004. Almost all of his wins came at the end of the year. Something "clicked" and it won't last that long.
  2. Annika Sorenstam - I'd flip her and Vijay.
  3. Ryan Moore - I take back what I said about Els being in the top three if you include amateurs (Michelle Wie doesn't really count as an amateur, since she's won very, very few amateur events and is too busy playing in PGA Tour events).
  4. Ernie Els - disappointing year, but he was close about fifty seven times. I'd have given him a top three.
  5. Phil Mickelson - OK. Fine. But don't put me in Phil's fan club.
  6. Meg Mallon - Yeah, I'll give him this one, but I'd have put her down a few slots. Tiger had a better year.
  7. Tiger Woods - Duh.
  8. Retief Goosen - Yeah, OK.
  9. Kevin Stadler - yawwwwn. Apparently this list has almost nothing to do with skill level. Kevin's got a ways to go.
  10. Michelle Wie - "she didn't win a single tournament" is right. She nearly made the cut almost a year ago, but whoopty crap. I can think of a few golfers I'd put ahead of Michelle Wie.
What do you think?
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Whither the Champions Tour

Hale Irwin had one helluva year for a guy starting his seventh decade on this planet. I'd have put him in ahead of Wie. Maybe even ahead of Mallon. Definitely ahead of Kevin Stadler.
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In case nobody looked Phill was exactly 5strokes from the Grand Slam and taking the 4 majors and the Players total stroke count.Only Ells was within 15 strokes of Phill.Sing was 34 away and Tiger was 37 away.I know alot of people like Tiger but next to Singh nobody had a better year than my man.
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Todd Hamilton would have to go on my list somewhere. It'd probably be closer to the bottom, but how can you discount two wins in a year including the Brit. Open.

Grace Park too, she won a major on the LPGA, I'd definately take her before Wie.

Peter Jacobsen for winning the sr. open and walking 5 miles while still rehabing from hip surgery.
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