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Project X Flighted Shafts - Player Input

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Currently playing a set of 6.5 flighted project X shafts. Although distance, shot shape and trajectory is very good, the feel is quite different from previous shafts played.

My old irons have s300's, which are obviously quite a bit softer and kick differently. With that said, I feel like I am missing a bit of feel with the Project X, perhaps 5-10 yards difference as well on well-struck balls.

With that said, accuracy is awesome with the Project X. Much more consistent misses, fewer big draw shots, solid shots are 2-3 yard draws.

Should I be concerned about playing a 6.5? I know that this is pretty darn stiff in comparison to other rifle shafts and s and x true temper flex shafts.

For reference:

Driver Carry - 275 (105-110 mph)
7-Iron Carry - 175 (95-100 mph)

Any Input from others playing these shafts? Thanks!
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Re: Project X Flighted Shafts - Player Input

IMO the 6.5 PX shafts may be a bit too stiff; (thats what it sounds like with increase in accuracy, decrease in distance and lack of feel). As a rule of thumb the PX's will play approximately a half flex stiffer than rated. The flighted shafts are a little softer than the non flighted.

To me the DG shafts are a loose kicking shaft and PX's are a tight kicking shaft. I've played DG 300
R & S's and now both my play'n set of irons have PX shafts. My Missy's have 5.0 non flighted and my 78 Wilson Staff's (1-pw) have 5.5 non flighted. My driver ss is 107 mph with carry 260+ and 6i ss 86 mph with carry ~170. And as weird as this sounds, I'm a swinger and perfer the PX shaft to any other shaft that I've tired.

The KBS shaft is also very good, not my favorite, but none the less still a very good shaft.
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Re: Project X Flighted Shafts - Player Input

Thanks for the input. Sounds like I need to talk to a club fitter. Although I'm not unhappy with the distance or accuracy, the feel leaves a great deal to be desired when hitting my s300's back to back.
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Re: Project X Flighted Shafts - Player Input

I used to play DG X200 Parallel shafts and the PX shafts I have now are more or less about the same. However, working at the golf course and having a golf pro and having many tools and technology at my disposal helps. Don't get discouraged about the PX shafts, maybe you just need something less stiff, you said you had S300's so try out some 5.5 PX's.
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Re: Project X Flighted Shafts - Player Input

Thanks again!

Went and saw a great club fitter at Golf USA today. The guy was very knowledgeable about KBS, Rifle, TT, Proj X, etc... He helped clarify what the flighted (& other) shafts do, measured my swing speed, ball speed and spin rates. As a high ball hitter, I'm not sure I love the flighted shafts in my long irons, but we will see.

With a 6 iron I was hitting the ball fairly high (21 degree launch angle), swing speed ranging between 88 and 95 or so. Its likely this will creep up in the next few weeks as I continue to stretch and transition into the new workout routine for golf season. Side spin (right to left) was around 300-400 rpm for a slight draw, but backspin was well above 10,000 rpm.

Based on my swing speed, calculations land me around a 6.3 for Project X shafts, and he said the 6.5 will play a bit softer due to the fact that they are flighted. If I were very concerned about feel right now, he recommended soft-stepping using a new set of 6.5's so that they would play more like a 6.3, but felt that 6.0's would be too soft.

All in all, it was a good experience. I think I'll sick with a 6.5 for the next while as I iron out some new swing changes, and I'll let you know how things feel!
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I just ordered a new set of the AP2 714 irons with PX 6.5. Current Muzuno MP59 with S300 and all of my shafts in my woods showed up in super slow motion as being to weak and prone to hook.


Changed to better shaft in driver and and my teacher, who teaches three PGA player, said the numbers were perfect.


PX shafts are consistant and a bit stiffer but not as stiff as X100. I have found these shasts to produce better flighting and very straight shots.

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The world of golf has started using FCM (frequency cycle matching) ratings as a way to compare flexes across different shaft manufacturers. Also, shaft weight will influence the amount of clubhead speed a club will generate.


It's not clear to me the details on your irons. Did you reshaft the TM TP (2009) irons from S300 to PX 6.5?



  • S300... FCM = 5.8, weight = 130 gr.
  • PX 6.5 Rifle Flighted (2012 and earlier) ..FCM = 7.0, weight = 130 grams or
  • PX95 6.5 Flighted (2013).......................FCM = 7.0, weight = 106 grams.


IF you reshafted with PX95, you would have a lighter but stiffer shaft (about 1.2 flexes stiffer).


If you reshafted/switched to irons with the older PX 6.5, would have a same-weight shaft that is about 1.2 flexes stiffer. Also, the Dynamic Gold S300 is a low-launch shaft, while either of the PX versions would be mid-launch. Also, the flighting would give the long irons a bit of boost on launch, while keeping the short irons from ballooning.


With what the fitter said, if you softstepped the PX shaft, it would bring it down to PX 6.2 (1 x softstep reduces stiffness about 0.3 flexes). But, if your stretch routine will increase flexibility and power --> clubhead speed, then you might wait until spring to see if you still need to softstep.

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Originally Posted by WUTiger View Post

The world of golf has started using FCM (frequency cycle matching) ratings... 


A terminology error... FCM = frequency coefficient matching :8)

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