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New-B Question

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New member, but a long time stalker of the boards.


Basically in the past year my short game has bottomed out and has become flat embarassing, despite the practice, lessons and the rounds I have played, it seems there is little hope at this time.  And now, my handicap is up to 19, which is the highest it has been since I started playing.


Anyways, I was considering purchasing a 42 degree Cleveland Niblick and working with that in hopes of shaving off some strokes.


My question is that my current irons were lengthened 1 1/2 inches when I purchased them, should I do the same with the niblick, or leave it as standard as my putter would be for example?


Stupid me bought a cleveland wedge last year standard length and never even though about getting it lengthened until someone mentioned last week that the club looked awfully short for me.


Any help is appreciated, thanks

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I went to a Niblick (56*) for a while when my short game was in the toilet as well...it really helped with my confidence, made most pitches/chips much easier.  However, couldn't really use it from bunkers (i.e. can't open the face), so i've recently ditched it for now.  Plus, I could never hit it consistently with a full swing anyway--much more upright lie angle than standard wedges, as well as a little shorter shaft i think.  However, I think all the practice with the Niblick in general helped my short game technique for all wedges as i'm again much more consistent pitching/chipping with anything right now.


Can't speak to the pro's/con's of installing a longer shaft though; i'd imagine if you're a tall player and plan on trying to use it for full-swing shots as well, you might want a custom shaft.  However, if mostly for pitches/chips (where many/most players will choke down on a standard grip anyway for control) it might not be necessary.

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thanks for the reply.


yeah this is all new to me, I just know that pretty much all aspects of my short game sucks, starting with approach shots and ending with short chips from the greenside.


I was looking at the 42 degree first to work on bump and runs up close and some half swing approach shots.  I figured if it all worked out well, I would also pick up a 56 degree down the road.


After a year of playing with my current wedge I finally realized it was too short for me, as I didnt have it lengthened like I did with my other irons since I bought it a year later.  So it seemed I would blade too many shots, due to having the club too short and making a general sweeping stroke.


So im pretty much open to anything, even contemplated buying a chipper to help with the greenside issues

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