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I have a couple of questions for you.


I'm an average handicap golfer which swing speed is approx. 108-114 mph. I tried the TM burner TP driver in a golf-monitor and the Matrix Ozik HD6 shaft was very good for my swing, the spin rate was good and I striked the ball 35 yards longer compared to the Ping G15 driver stiff. The problem is that I slice the ball very often, and the Taylormade TP burner driver clubhead is pretty open, compared to non-TP burner. Although the monitor didnt detect the slice, I did slice pretty much, when i tried the club on the golfcourse.


So I would like to ask you whether its possible to use the Matrix ozik HD6 shaft with a TM burner 2009 clubhead(not TP).  Do you know someone that have this combination ? And how do you think that will affect my ball flight with the club (more spin, lower or higher ball flight etc.) ?. I have heard that the S-flex standard shafts on the non-tp burner driver 2009 feels like a regular flex shaft. I dont think that shaft will suit my swing speed.


At last, do you maybe know any other driver brand/shaft, that will fit my swing speed and slice problem  -any suggestions?


Thank you