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Golf gifts

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I'm looking to my brother a golf gift but struggling to think what to get a fellow golfer, has anyone got any suggestions?

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If he's any kind of golfer I'm sure he would love nothing more than to receive a brand new dozen or maybe even one of them fancy 18packs of shiny new Top-Flite balls...

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Get him some shoe trees for his golf shoes.  will last forever and actually do what theyre supposed to do.

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When I finally complete my tax return, this is for me.

~Tom B.

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My favorite is a gift card.  That way I can get something I really want.  Always my go to suggestion when my daughter inquires.

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The name/address/phone # band to put on your clubs.  Golf balls with me & my kids' names on them.  Tees with me and my kids' names on them.  Golf towel.  Golf cigar clip thingy.  Oh, wait.  That is a gift list for me.  Sorry.

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In case my wife reads this, a range pass would be a perfect gift!

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I've bought golf shirts for everyone at my house, wife and 4 adult children.  I will buy for myself 2 dozen golf balls but not sure what brand yet, maybe the Srixon Trispeed tour yellow on sale at GG.

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