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Taylormade R11 or RBZ

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Im considering buying a new driver (upgrading my Callaway FT-5).  Since the R11s is on the market now, the R11 has dropped in price.  From everywhere that I have looked, the R11 is listed around the same price as the RBZ.  


So im wondering what everyone's thoughts are on this.  Would you suggest the R11 (last years model, but more technology built in than the RBZ) or the RBZ (new model & maybe the FCT technology is enough by itself).  


Also, im about a 16-17 handicap.  Maybe that fits into the decision making process as well.  




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My personal experience is that you cant go by what others think about a Driver, you have to try them all and you'll know when you find "The One".. With that said, I hit both the RBZ and R11S, while neither were to my liking the R11S was superior in distance and feel but less than my current driver.

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Id go with the R11.  The RBZs are a bit of smoke and mirrors in that much of the added distance is the loft.  You can take whatever number is stamped into the sole of the club and add 1 more number to it in order to get an accurate idea of what the club really is.

Its not difficult to claim added distance when you call a 7-iron an 8-iron.

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i don't remember them claiming anything added with the driver.

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Not sure if you have bought the RBZ yet, but if not, you should.


I have been using an FTi Square head Driver for on and off for over two years, I decided to upgrade and bought a G20 after being recommended by a pro during a fitting for my new irons. The G20 was crap to say the least, I had a nightmare with it, and went back to the FTi.


So the day the RBZ came out, I was dubious about getting it, but bit the bullet and went for it. €279 was the price it was going for. I was lucky enough to be able to trade in the G20 and some old clubs and get the RBZ and change.


I got the 10.5 regular with a stock shaft.

My drives are normally a bit on the lofty side so I have it set to the lowest setting and it makes a huge difference, the flight is lower and with a tiny bit of draw. The club itself if very forgiving and the distance is huge, weather permitting, I can hit between 270 and 300 yards and accurately.


All I need now is some sort of miracle to help my chipping.

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I just switched from the R7 9.5* TP to the RBZ 9* TP with the tour head. The driver is GREAT! Im hitting the RBZ a good 10-15 yds longer than the R7!  I havent tried out the R11 so I dont know how it is compared to the RBZ but if its anything like it either driver will be a good choice. I naturally hit the ball high and with the RBZ im hitting it even higher. Even without getting hardly any roll out of the ball I've still gained the distance I have. I would say demo both drivers before you choose one. Whatever one you like better and feel more comfortable with, go for. Hope that helped.

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