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Question about golf lessons.

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For those of you who take lessons:  How much do you pay?  How often do you have them?  What advice would you have as far as choosing an instructor?  



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I'm on lesson 5 of 10 which I take once a week. Since I'm retired I have plenty of time to practice. I am using a PGA certified instructor who's been teaching for a long time and I paid $600 for 10 lessons. I have several friends who golf and I asked around and they said he was the best. I would stay away from young instructors and find one with experience. Experience goes a long way when teaching someone golf. He uses video analysis and seems to be able to communicate well what he's teaching. I purchased a single lesson just to get a feel for how well we connected and then purchased the 10 lesson series.Ask around and get others opinion and then take one lesson to see how it goes. I'm a new golfer so I didn't have to unlearn anything. I paid more for my lessons than I did for my clubs ;) but I'm pleased with my choices.

Good luck...

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I'm also a new golfer and I went the Golftec route which is definitely not cheap, but I like the useage of video and being able to review what we worked on by logging into their site.  I want to say I purchased a 25 Lesson package but I pay it in monthly installments of about $110/month over the course of the year, so it's about $12-1300 which is an expensive package but I've definitely seen significant improvement from the rounds before I started taking lessons to now.  I'd say I've dropped from 5-10 shots at least since I started 5 weeks ago. 

I try to practice at least 1-3 times a week between hitting into the net in my backyard and going to the driving range.


I went the golftec route because there wasn't any local pro's who I could get to work with my schedule on a consistent basis but I definitely don't regret it especially when it's 100 degrees with 90% humidity like it is here in NY at the moment! 

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Some courses offer an introductory package special, something like 5 lessons for $99.

But I currently pay $80/1hr lesson and my instructor offers $400 for 6. This is in line with another local "higher-end" golf course.

For my first pack of 6 lessons, I went weekly. Now I plan to go once a month.

I talked to a friend of mine who said he goes every 6 months when his game is good and if he feels rusty, he'll go every 2 months but he's been golfing for 15+ years.

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One thing I forgot to say, I video every lesson and when I get home I review the video and make notes. My instructor also makes available the videos he makes of my swing and keeps them on file for later tune ups.

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I use Evolvr, it's online lessons but I rather get online lessons from some of the best instructors then real lessons from someone who don't know what they are talking about. And the price is really nice i pay 10 $ per lesson and planning to do so for a long time.

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Thanks for the responses I think I will look into online options.  I have a new job and a two year old its hard to pin down time for an instructor a1_smile.gif

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