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AimPoint Bubble

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I got one of these and am absolutely thrilled as can be with it. It tells you the slope and where straight is. And of course, if you know the % grade of the slope, you have a really good idea of how hard to hit the putt.


Everyone should get one because now we can practice developing feel with our feet by ourselves. Amazing training aid. 



PS- In case you were wondering what this is, it's a modified spirit level (or bubble level or builder's bubble, whatever term you like to use). 


Order an AimPoint Bubble from their website here.


PS- I'm not soliciting nor do I work for them; I'm just trying to make it easier to order it if you want one. I just love this little doohickey. 









Thoughts, guys?

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A couple of us posted about them in July after an AimPoint lesson with Erik and Dave:
Originally Posted by gwlee7 View Post

So far, the aimpoint bubble is doing a perfectly fine job of helping train me to find straight or the zero line.  I am still not too sure about % slope though.  To be fair, it's been so fracking hot here that I have not been able to practice with just the bubble as much as I want to.  Next week is supposed to cooler and I'll have a chance to really use it.
Originally Posted by jamo View Post

Some thoughts on the Bubble (now that I have a Bubble and a Husky digital level):
-They're very fast and convenient. Finding uphill is nearly instant (something you can't really say with the digital level).
-You have to make sure to pat it down a bit so spike marks don't throw it off (is that against the Rules? I have no idea, but obviously you can't use the Bubble in any round that counts for something).
-The degree reading is pretty accurate for something so low-tech (having checked it against the digital level), but it's still more of an approximation (though that's probably good enough anyway).
-I think the Bubble is better if you're just playing a quick round with friends, but the digital level is better if you're getting some readings in preparation for a tournament or something.
Originally Posted by Deryck Griffith View Post

For me, the bubble is an excellent training aid in allowing me to train

1. Checking the % slope of the putt.
2. Finding which direction "straight" is.

I've practiced aimpoint a couple of times since I got home from the clinic and I realized very fast that I hadn't mastered feeling the slope and finding straight with my feet just yet.  Because of the this, the bubble helps to train you as it tells you right away if what you felt with your feet was correct or incorret.  If what you feel is incorrect, you can use the bubble to train yourself on what "correct feels like."  For that alone, it's worth it

Furthermore, it's small.  So if you wish to practice your feel of slope and straight while playing a round, you can pull it out of your pocket like a ball marker and quickly check.

My thoughts are pretty much the same now as then. I should emphasize just how much easier it is to find uphill with the bubble versus a digital level (which I also have).
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Yea, I read those. Great thread and comments, but they were starting to get lost with so many replies there.


The bubble is so useful that I thought it deserved its own thread, and here's a good spot for it since it won't make any sense to non-aim pointers. Thanks for embedding the important comments from that thread, J!

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