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Would you like to play golf on national T.V.?

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My name is James Leeth and I currently own a small golf course in Chattanooga, TN.  I am also the host of Golf Soup a 30 minute golf program that airs here locally on the Fox network.  Golf Soup has just been picked up to go national and we are very excited about this incredible opportunity!  the format of Golf Soup in the past has featured myself playing and promoting 9 holes of a different local or regional course for my viewers and we were quite successful with that format, however with the national broadcast we will be changing the format to give more of a national appeal to the viewing audience.  So I will be playing the 9 holes each week with a celebrity or a guest and we will be playing for money that will go to the celebrity or guest's charity while we learn more about the guest and their lives.  I have been blessed in my life to meet some well known people and have great contacts to many others and I know that we will turn out some great shows with these guests.  But with a golden opportunity like this I don't want every guest to be someone whose golden ticket has already been punched.  Everyone has a story to tell or knows someone that they would like to help or a cause that they want to champion.  I would like to have guests from all walks of life not just the red carpet walk of life.  But most importantly we want people who are passionate about helping others and giving back as we play for charity each week.  Our guest line up so far includes a county music star, a former PGA and Sr PGA star, a comedian, several presidents of charities,  a couple of actors and so on.  What I am specifically and actively looking for at this point is a Wounded Warrior with a love of the game of golf to join me in raising money for the Wounded Warrior project or any charity of his or her choice.  But that is not the only person I am looking for, as I said earlier everyone has a story to tell.  Maybe you would like to get your story out to 30 million people.  Maybe like me you have struggled and toiled your whole life with your business or product and have been waiting on a break to get your story out to the masses.  I now have the platform that can help people in many different ways and that is exactly our mission statement.  To help, promote, and change as many lives as possible.  If you think you would be a good fit for our show, let's talk.  Send me a private message here on this site.  Thanks for taking the time to read and good luck to all out there.

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Congratulations, Joe.  Best of luck with the program.  When and where can we find it?

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Sounds awesome!  I am just up the road here in Knoxville TN...  which course do you own?


As a currently serving army guy who has been deployed I am glad to see you supporting the wounded warrior project!!  It is greatly appreciated!

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Good luck with the show.  Sounds like you are working on a great cause.

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Play on national televised television . I would take the opportunity and run with it . But there is a catch , a wager . I see not enough being done to help our American Veterans and there family's who might be left behind as a result of a serviceman's death . I would like to do something about it . I know there are many other Vets that feel the same .

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