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Hello from the French mountains

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Hi all, I live in Chambery, Savoie, France.


 I use to work as a sports shop manager but I m unemployed at the moment. Then the good side of it is I got plenty of time to play golf! I d like to apologize for my poor english level , sometimes my words are a bit weird, but I promess I'll try to improve!

I m very glad to join your forum on which I ever had found a lot of interests by reading clever and smarts posts by the past. Thank you all.



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Welcome, Guillaume.


Good luck here, and at finding a new job!

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Bonjour, Guillaume!


Autrefois, j'etais un etudiant de la francais. Mais, apres trop d'anees, j'ai perdu beaucoup des mots. Simplement, je n'oublie plus. J'espere que je suis comprenable.


Because my French skills have faded, I must switch over to English. I hope you are enjoying the winter in the mountains. And, hopefully you can play some golf once the snow melts.


Any chance you could find work at the new golf resorts in Germany when the economy gets better? (I know, the French and Germans don't always agree on things, but it's a thought.)

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Thank you for your encouragement and pep talk at finding a new job. Yes it 's true the economic isn't really good here in europe, but except from China I don't know where it's utterly thriving!


WUTiger your French is still very good and "comprenable", don't worry, although the real word should be "compréhensible"!a2_wink.gif

You must be better than me in English with little practice.

To answer your question about the snow over here in my vicinity, it stays only in the mounts and summits where the sky resorts are.

Fortunatly down here in the valley we can play golf almost all year long, aside 2/3 weeks in the core of winter when the soils are deeply frozen or the snow stays on.


To end with the delicacy of situation with the Germans, yes , something stays awkward between us. But we are trying to go beyond that with our partnership. How do you do Americans with Japaneses ? A feeling of disloyalty is human, but the time helps to forget such bad things.

And you do not share a border with those people!


Luckily golf has no frontiers, no color, and is A culture and common religion if I am right. We all in France support Martin Kaymer for instance!

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