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my driver

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hi there

what exercises can i do at home to get more distance with my driver? because i get good distace with my irons,but with driverr and my 3wood i stuggle to get good distance. i playyy with a King Cobra drivver so it is not n cheap driver..
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Whats your longest iron and its distance, and what's your driver distance?

If you get good distance with your irons, then your driving swing has issues, and your loosing power somewere. Basically, physical strength doesn't change from iron swing to driver swing, the problem is the driver swing. 


Check out TPI, they have some good golf related exercises

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longest iron is a 4. and my driver distance is about 210m to 230m. my 4iron i can hit it 200m,and with my driver that is a 9deg i hit it very high with a fade so that decreases my range.
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Loosing distance big time on the driver, From the sounds of it, it looks like your hitting on a very steep angle of attack with the driver, but that is all i can tell you from what you have given me. If you want better advice, post your swing 

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thats sounds kewl,ill post one as soon as i go to the driving range again.
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