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Push Fade (Could this be over the top) Lie angle?

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For the past three months, I have been struggling with a push fade and I am stumped. I was doing great towards the end of last season and now I am trying to prepare for this season and all I keep hitting is push fades. I checked my lie angle and they say I need clubs 3 degrees upright. I am assuming because I am coming over the top that is why I hit the ground first with the toe of the club. If you look at my clubs they have wear marks perfectly where the ball is suppose to be struck on the face of the club. I am attaching videos and pictures, really would appreciate any help someone can give that they see I am doing wrong.

When I swing this is what I think, (I am a lefty) right arm against chest, rotate shoulders and hinge wrist. Downswing try to hit my left hip and hit the inside quarter of the golf ball.

Sometimes on my follow through it feels like I struggle to get to parallel like I do on the back swing, it is like I feel like I do not release the club and just hold my hands through impact.

How does my setup look? How about impact?



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I do not know if the videos worked so here are the links

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The ball will fade because the face is open to the path. If your hitting a push fade your path could be ok but your face is open. It might be that your grip is too weak.


In this image the 2 arrows should point to your left shoulder. This will make your grip a little stronger.



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turn your hips rather than sliding them laterally, and you will be able to straighten your lead leg, rather than having it bowed at the finish.

dont force your weight transfer trying to hit the ball hard causing the slide.

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I tried a few things today, but I felt one move drastically change my ball striker and accuracy today.
I am lefty remember but I turned my right/ front shoulder more. When I was taking my swing my shoulder was not getting to or past the ball. As before if it was an angle it was like at 45 degrees, however when I make it feel like it is perpendicular I was hitting all the balls perfectly with a baby draw instead of a push slice.
Felt like i gave myself time to get through the swing instead of rush it.

I think it makes sense because if I don't finish shoulder turn and swing like I was my shoulders would be open big time at impact.
If I make full shoulder turn at impact my shoulders are Parallel to the target line.

Let me know what you think

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