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St. Louis Golf Expo summary

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Ended up going to the Expo both Friday and Saturday.


Met Club Rat about 11:30 AM. We skipped lunch and got into line, which was very long already. Club Rat works on golf clubs as a hobby, and we talked about shafts and different ways to tweak clubs.


For Friday, I mainly visited the exhibits, talked to people, and listened to the presenters.



Jo D. Duncan Armstrong, contestant in Big Break IV and six-time women's Re/Max World Long Drive Championship finalist, gave a presentation about stabilizing the lower body. Jo D. has set up in the St. Louis area now, serving as Director of Instruction at the classic Norwood Hills C.C.


Michael Wyatt, well known area teaching pro, talked about teaching golf to persons with handicaps or lingering effects of injuries. It turns out that Michael has straighted out the golf swings of both teamroper60 and me.


And, there was Ed LeBeau of Heartland Golf Schools, local site located near Annbriar G.C. Ed is a proponent of the Manuel de la Torre swing method - club position vs. body position emphasis - and was checking out people's swings. Be sure to catch Ed's new golf blog, http://factcheckgolf.org/factcheckgolf/, in which he offers alternatives to "hit down on the ball" golf.


Friday evening I had supper with teamroper60, AKA Chuck, and his wife Bernie. As I mentioned earlier, Chuck and I both had lessons from Wyatt. Chuck started playing about two years ago, and is a devoted Callaway person, as is Bernie. Due to his job, Chuck can usually play a few times a week after work.


On Saturday, I went back and mainly hit clubs. I'll make comments on my tests as the model comes up in the Clubs, Grips forum.

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It was nice to meet you Friday.   I enjoyed visiting with you over supper.   Hopefully, we will get a chance to play a round or two together this year.

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