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idea on putting practice

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    Get two dumbbells (10 lb's. are what I use, bought at Wal-Mart) - piece of string - laminated business card or credit card. The cards are less in width then the diameter of a regulation hole, which is a plus. Cut a piece of string long enough for the space available to you that you will be practicing in. Mine is 12' long. Tie two slipknots at each end and loop the string over the weight hub of the dumbbell. Pull the loops tight on the grip bar about 1/2 way between weight ends then spread the dumbbells apart on the floor till the string is tight. String will be about 5 to 6 inches above the floor. Stand over the string at one end, sight down and place the card on the floor approx. 18 inches or so from the dumbbell, so when looking down on the string it runs through the center of the card. Then sighting down over the string place the ball centered under the string and practice putting the ball over the card at different distances along the string line. While trying to putt the ball over the card try to gauge the speed of the putt so the ball comes to a stop no farther then the dumbbell. This has improved my putting greatly. Also, do not forget to use the dumbbells to build up you arm and wrist strength. Use your imagination with the above practice method like getting a narrow strip of outdoor carpet to lie over the floor i.e. wood, tile, or smooth surface carpet. Put some strips of padding of various thicknesses under the outdoor carpet to build slight undulations. Good luck with your practicing.

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The indoor version of knitting needles and string?

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Great idea. My garage floor is slightly sloop to the front - built in break. I just need the green turf. Thanks for sharing.

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