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Degree loft for a Hybrid (high handicapper)

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Hi everyone,


This is my first posting so I'm hoping to get some advice about buying hybrids/rescue clubs.


About myself: I started playing 25 years ago but have become enthusiastic about the game after moving to New Zealand. As a result, I'm currently a high handicapper although I manage to get a few pars or birdies every time I play. My main challenge is hitting woods off the fairway in bad lies, rough, etc. Instead of using my 4 iron or 3 or 5 woods, my friend suggested I get a hybrid to get a comparable distance (like a wood) but easier to swing with its shorter club length (like an iron), especially for those bad lies. My tendency now is to hit a safe shot back on to the fairway.


Club options: After reading a few Internet articles and visiting a few shops, I've got my eye on 2-3 hybrids. #1 option is Cleveland Mashie for its glide rail and lighter shaft. #2 is Ping Rapture V2/G10/G15/G20 or Callaway Razr X HL for their forgiveness/ease of getting a high trajectory. #3 TaylorMade Rocketballz because of the reviews and its white crown. I've also read great reviews about other hybrids (Adams, Cobra T-Rail, Mizuno JPX-800, Titlelist 910h, Diablo Edge, Nike, Nickent, Bobby Jones) but they are either hard to find, too expensive, not appropriate for high handicappers, look more like a wood than a fat iron, or I simply don't like the look of the crown/alignment aid at address.   


Question: Although I think I would be happy with any of the 3 options listed above (i.e., I just need to play more and have fun), my question is which degree loft (23 or 26/27) should I start off with (to help me with those bad lies)? A local salesperson recommended a 23 degree loft (considering the clubs that I already have) and then add clubs as needed. What do you think?



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The Mashie is nice.  If you can get past the looks of it (Im not a fan of the tumbled finish), its a great hybrid that performs well.  As for loft, it depends what you are going to use it for.  For me, my hybrid replaces my 3-iron, so for me, a hybrid that is 19*-21* is what I look for.

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i would get an adams hybrid, imo. adams are easy to hit and specialize in hybrids and fairway woods.
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Look for a Nickent 3dx. You can find them on line for under $50. Very easy to hit and a great value.

If you're looking to replace your 4-iron 23* would probably be your best bet.....
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Thanks everyone for the replies. I've been trying to find used Adams/Nickent hybrids so it seems like I'll just keep my eye out for one that has the loft and shaft flex that I need. 


I can understand the comment about Mashie's appearance. Maybe it's like buying a car - it's not only about how well it works but how it looks and everyone has different tastes. I was leaning toward the Mashie for its lighter shaft (59g) to promote higher swing speeds/higher trajectory but I guess at my level I won't be able to take advantage of this so much. 


I'll start off by looking for a 23* hybrid to replace my 4i and go from there.


I don't know enough about the TM line (Burner, R11, RBZ, etc) but does anyone know if a larger club head size (130 cc) for a hybrid or whether the size of the face plate (bigger sweet spot) would help higher handicappers? 

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