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Pitch Shot Spin

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Hey guys I've noticed several of my low pitch shots have been kicking to the right when they land. They fly fairly straight but when they land its like they have side spin or something and roll out to the right 8 yards or so. I noticed this when they started to go against the slope and grain of the green.

These shots have all been less than 40 yard shots and with a AW. More like a long chip than a pitch really. It doesn't happen all that often...maybe 2 or 3 times a round.

Any thoughts on what may be causing this? I didn't know such a shot was possible.
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8 feet not yards sorry
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I have noticed this in some of my chip shots and what I can relate it to is a lack of clearing my waist, or turning through impact. This helps me really push my arms away, holding wrist hinge and face angle down the target line. Hope that helps.

As for pitch shots clearing the hips applies not the latter.
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Thanks for the tip Zachari208.


Does the side spin to the right come from the spin on a chip/pitch shot that was a slight draw or a slight fade? I just wonder because I never see professionals hit pitch or chip shots with side spin even though I imagine it would be beneficial sometimes if they were able to control it.

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Look at the face of your club at finish. Is it opened up and skyward? Or, is it more release and closed (hooded) ?

This for me goes for both pitch and chips, but I don't ever really release with my hands/wrist. I try to use my turning of my waist through impact to mimic my release like in my pitch shots. Also I don't really turn my waist at all in my backswing, just as my arms reach impact.
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You're cutting them. Swinging left too much.
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Sorry ment to say no release for chip shots. Also I'm no expert on this just things I work on for better contact and consistantsy. You can manipulate side spin though from my experience, its not a ton for me but it can help sometimes hitting onto slopes. Can get the ball on line faster then waiting for gravity.
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And what he said, I will cut a chip/punch-out to get it rolling in a favorable direction.
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I must say I try not to ever use a chip shot, or punch (out of the woods), A pitch always seems more favorable.
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Thanks for the help...both of you. I had never really thought about cutting/fading a pitch or chip shot. I always assumed at such a slow swing speed such things didn't matter much. I am just getting into shot shaping so I'll see if I can replicate these chips and pitches on the practice greens this weekend. While I don't plan on attempting to hit these shots in a round, I think just knowing how they feel will help me sort this stuff out.


Thanks again!

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It is always a good idea to reflect on bad shots, or shots that don't do what you expect, not in a negative way but a way of trying to understand why. In the future rounds it could be something you consider and use. I know I have hit "bad" shots on occasion to get me out of a tuff spot, and it's pretty easy given I have had a lot of experience.
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