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My Swing (DeepDivot)

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I've been Playing Golf for:​  15 YRS

My current handicap index or average score is: 15-20 haven't kept score in a long time

My typical ball flight is: left to right

The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: a slice that appears way to often

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Any thoughts on my swing would be greatly appreciated.
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You sway away from the target in your backswing. If you mark where your head is at address, watch how it moves to the left in the video as you swing back. 


Swaying away from the target makes it more difficult to get a good weight shift forwards (towards the target) in the downswing, and if you don't get your weight forward in the downswing a slice is a very common result.

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I think you have a very nice swing, your head does move to the left a little in your back swing, and your weight seems a little off on the downswing, but I think your main problem is failing to rotate your wrists to bring the club back to square. You also look a little tense. Everything else about your swing is very nice IMO other than a few small things. 

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Good grief that is a nice swing. I wouldn't tinker with that at all. If anything I suggest you move the ball at address to more off your left heel. It looks fairly centered in your stance. Believe in your swing would be my advice.

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I thought rotating my wrists more felt like I was getting flippy in my downswing and it made skull a lot of sjots so I tried whirring my wrist more
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Your lower body is very active on the backswing. You look as though you have good flexibility. I would try swinging with the feeling your standing in three feet of mud. Sometimes what feels like not moving the lower body at all, is actually in reality, the correct amount.

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Good swing. 


It is hard to judge looking at the front as we wouldn't be able to see your swing plane and swing path (in-out or out-in).


Can I suggest you also video your swing from the side to give yourself a better view of the swing?

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Once my wife comes hone from work i will put her to work as my camera woman and get video from both sides
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here is my swing from behind so you can see the swing plane better.

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ps... hitting wiffls balls out of the deep rough of my front yard isn't as easy as it looks lol

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Just as I suspected, you aren't rotating that club face closed enough with your wrists. 

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Well your swing plane looks good I think. No over-the-top motion which is a common cause for the slice. Hard to use the second video because of the deep "rough." What I noticed on the first video is a little too much sway on the back swing. You want to turn and coil instead of sway back. You can hit a good ball with a sway, but it's hard to be consistent and if you're timing is off, you would definitely strike the ball with an open club face which would cause the slice. Easy drill for that is to place a ball under the middle of the outside of your back foot. It forces you to brace your back leg and coil instead of sway. 

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i will give the ball under the foot drill as for the wrist rotation i am going to look for some kind of drill to remedy that. 

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