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Hello from Pa

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Hi everybody,

I came upon this website while on the hunt for a good quality carry bag,  and decided to join and participate.  I am trying to identify a light weight carry/Sunday bag I purchased at a golf shop years ago in the Ocean City, Maryland area.  I was so impressed by the quality that I bought the last two and have since used them to carry my clubs not only while walking but also riding, and as little as possible in that regard.  This bag easily carries nine to twelve clubs quite efficiently, and weighs no more than one pound on the nose. It's black in color and constructed of some kind of canvas material.  I have since lost the name of the manufacturer, but the bag has the word PLAYERS printed in gold on the bottom larger pocket with a triple capital P right above the word PLAYERS. There is also a smaller pocket on the opposite side and bottom of the bag. Both have zippers.  It has a padded strap and overall very durable.  I know this a long shot, but this is hands down the best dam carry bag I ever owned, and I have owned a bunch through the years.  I would pay premium dollar to purchase a couple of these babies again.  At the time though, I don't think they cost more than 25 bucks a piece.  What a deal!  In any event, if this wild goose chase turns into a wild goose chase, can anybody advise me on their personal experience with this type of golf bag?  I am currently using an old Quiver bag I bought years ago in the interim, but this bag weighs 2.5 pounds.  Some will think I am splitting hairs regarding this weight thing, but after many years of walking the fairways I know that weight matters, even my cronies are coming around to this idea.  Anyway thanks for your help, and looking forward to participating on the forums.



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Welcome. Not sure of the answer to your question.

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Welcome to the site.

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